Heading back to work after 11 days off over the festive period was a struggle to say the least, even if I was only back for 2 days and then it was the weekend. I had gotten into the 9 o’clock lie ins pattern, so trying to open my eyes after 7am proved difficult, but the act of doing so was compensated by the thought of staying 3 nights at… View Post

Having just finished the second week of my Diet Chef plan, I’m beginning to realise just how fast this whole diet and fitness regime is going in. I’ve not lost a great deal during my second week and I think it comes down to the fact I was out over the weekend and had one too many cocktails, food and desserts, so really I’m to blame for the lack of… View Post

If you checked out my latest post just last week, you’d have seen that I started Diet Chef, and seeing as Mondays are the start of the week and probably the most dreaded day, what better day to have my weight in than on a Monday. That’s me completed week 1 of my Diet Chef plan and I can successfully say I’ve LOST 5 POUNDS! Combining this calorie controlled plan… View Post

After the festive period guilt is the one word that may come to mind (it certainly does for me), for all the over indulgence that occurred, the constant eating out, the one too many glasses of wine, and for binging on all the edible goodies you may have received from Santa. I remember getting to my ideal weight a couple of years ago and moaning I still had more to… View Post

If there’s one task I’m sure not to forget doing each morning, it’s spraying perfume, and in the rare occasion that I do leave the house forgetting to cover myself in my favourite scents, I feel pretty bare. I’m quite stuck in my ways when it comes to fragrances, sticking to my few favourites starting with my ultimate favourite fragrance… Jimmy Choo, followed by Marc Jacobs, Armani or Paco Rabanne, it’s… View Post