If there’s one thing I planned on doing this year it was to update my makeup bag and get some newbies to try out. Over the year you can accumulate a whole load of beauty products to the point that your makeup bag is overflowing with products that barely see the light…this is a big no no for me, so a clear out was required. Stocking up on make-up can… View Post

If I had to choose one of my all time favourite skincare products that I love treating myself to, it’d be a face mask. I love nothing more than smothering the product all over my face, and kicking back doing absolutely nothing whilst I wait for my face to go stiff to the point it’s difficult to convey any facial expression to anyone who is lucky enough to see me… View Post

After having the opportunity to stay at the Tinto House Hotel in Biggar just last year, when the opportunity arose to stay at another hotel in Biggar, which goes by the name The Elphinestone, I couldn’t wait for another night away from the city. If you’ve read any of my posts where I’ve ventured out of the city, you’ll realise just how much I love escaping from busy city life… View Post

We all have best friends, whether they’re your other half, the group of friends you’ve grown up with through school, those you’ve met at university, or even ones you’ve met through work. We can meet our best friends at any point in our life, and they can come from all walks of life, but at the end of the day we all have that ONE best friend who no one… View Post

Scribbler are a UK based cards and gifts company, well known for their , remarkably funny (or punny), rude and risky humour, taking a different spin on the traditional types of greeting cards we all well and truly know. One thing I can say on behalf of Scribbler is that, if you’re to buy someone a card from this company, they’d be sure not to forget it. Founded back in 1981,… View Post