Well if reading what I got up to on my first day in Amsterdam was enjoyable for you then I’ve got another fun-filled post of what I got up to on day 2 of my trip. Despite how tiring city breaks can be I likely jumped out of bed that morning at the thought of another day exploring the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I may have only been 24 hours into a 4 day trip… View Post

I can’t believe it was just in October that I ticked off another destination on my bucketlist…Amsterdam. Apologies about the lateness of these Amsterdam travel diary posts that will follow, I wanted to wait till I went self-hosted before posting them so here goes. After a classic breakfast at the airport, washed down with a good old cup of tea, we boarded our rather turbulent KLM flight and just over an hour later landed on… View Post

Travelling…it’s something everyone is doing these days. With more and more people going inter-railing, taking a gap year to explore the world, or just wanting a temporary escape from the 9-5 working life, it’s one thing that unites us all. One noticeable feature when you listen to stories or read about people’s travelling experiences is not just about the numerous places they’ve visited, the wide variety of foods they’ve tried, or the different cultures they’ve been part… View Post

Since I’m finding it difficult to keep up with blogging and quite frankly I can hardly string a sentence together these days due to continuously rereading my dissertation, I thought I’d reminisce about my trip to Paris since that was when times were a lot less stressful than they are now. I’m just going to include some of my favourite pictures from the trip, and believe me, it was incredibly difficult to choose which one… View Post

I’m currently sprawled across my bed, happy at the fact I’m all tucked away from the freezing temperatures outside, yet still trying to build up some sort of body heat despite the heating being on full. There’s no in between. Instead of getting on with the pile of uni work that has my name written all over it, I’m instead reminiscing of better times in the Summer when temperatures were more bearable, and I was constantly… View Post