Two trips to Dubai in 2018 has made me realise that if it was possible to marry a country, Dubai would be the one. If you’re wanting to chat to me then one thing you should know is that this place is the one big topic of conversation you’ll get out of me (don’t say I didn’t warn you). The constant question of when I’m going back was on my mind even throughout both trips because… View Post

Heading back to work after 11 days off over the festive period was a struggle to say the least, even if I was only back for 2 days and then it was the weekend. I had gotten into the 9 o’clock lie ins pattern, so trying to open my eyes after 7am proved difficult, but the act of doing so was compensated by the thought of staying 3 nights at a beautiful lodge in the… View Post

Seeing as I was in Glencoe this weekend and Fort William is as little as half an hour’s drive away, it was only right we took a trip down there, especially since I’ve never really ventured far out in Scotland before. One thing I’ll never get over about the Highlands is the scenery, each time you see it you find it just as beautiful as the first time. I think when you’re such a city… View Post

It’s the final day of 2017 and not only that but it’s the final day of my Amsterdam travel series, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what I got up to during my little adventure there for my 22nd birthday as much as I enjoyed writing about the whole trip. Amsterdam has been a place on my bucketlist for a long while now so I’m so happy I got to tick it off in 2017.… View Post

What better way to spend your 22nd birthday than in Amsterdam, where everything around you looks like something out of a postcard. Going away for my birthday has become somewhat of a tradition, with my 21st being spent in the beautiful Paris last year, I’m really appreciative that I’ve been able to spend my birthdays in places like these. With this being my third and unfortunately second last day in Amsterdam, we had a busy… View Post