Since it’s officially 1 week till Christmas I thought it’d only be right to get involved with the Christmas tag. I finished up my uni exams on Friday so it’s been so nice not having to study this weekend, or feel guilty for not studying as much as I should have – now it’s time for me to get right into the Christmas spirit, so here I go answering questions as part of the Christmas… View Post

I thought it was only relevant that I got involved in the Autumn tag because 1) it’s Autumn, and 2) isn’t Autumn just wonderful, I’m glad to know there are many others out there who enjoy it as much as I do. The nights are getting darker, and the mornings are getting colder, to the point I’m struggling to find the will power to leave my little cacoon of a bed to head to my… View Post

Well, it only seems right that I do a little post so that anyone who reads my posts (probably no one), knows a little bit more about myself. It would have made more sense to make this my first post, but I just couldn’t contain my excitement about Paris that it took priority. Despite that, welcome to A Daily Dose of Holly and I hope after this you learn a little bit more about me.… View Post