If you had a little nosey at my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, you’ll have seen my brief mention of My Icon Story, a company where you can tell your own story through icons. I emphasise time and time again my love for personalised gifts, so to give a personalised gift and get involved with the making of it is something that I find truly amazing. My Icon Story allows you to create your very own… View Post

Not only does having a phone case add that little touch of you to a phone that the majority of the population has, but it’s that little barrier of protection that can save your phone in some nasty falls. For a while now I’ve been braving it without a phone case (you can call me a risk taker), but after some time out from the phone case game I realised it was time to get… View Post

With Mother’s Day falling on the 11th of March and my mum’s birthday then coming around on the 20th, March can certainly be an expensive month for me, especially this year as she’s celebrating a big birthday…her 50th (don’t tell her I told you). It can be difficult to know what to get someone each year, given that they probably have everything already, so trying to rack up your brain to tick Mother’s Day organisations… View Post

If there’s one thing I planned on doing this year it was to update my makeup bag and get some newbies to try out. Over the year you can accumulate a whole load of beauty products to the point that your makeup bag is overflowing with products that barely see the light…this is a big no no for me, so a clear out was required. Stocking up on make-up can be expensive, especially because I… View Post

If I had to choose one of my all time favourite skincare products that I love treating myself to, it’d be a face mask. I love nothing more than smothering the product all over my face, and kicking back doing absolutely nothing whilst I wait for my face to go stiff to the point it’s difficult to convey any facial expression to anyone who is lucky enough to see me in all my face mask… View Post