After months and months of deliberating with myself I finally done it. “Should I buy my own domain? Should I go self-hosted? Should I purchase a theme? Am I ready for all of it?” These were the questions I kept asking myself and on Black Friday I finally took the plunge. On my lunch break at work, I frantically dug out my laptop from my bag, registered my new domain, chose my self-hosted plan, and… View Post

If I were to name one thing I’ve never done at Halloween, it would probably be the fact I’ve never carved a pumpkin, I don’t ever recall growing up and even buying a pumpkin around Halloween time. However, I can hardly remember what I done a few weeks ago never mind when I was a kid, so my mum will probably correct that statement. Regardless, it was only right to change the fact I had… View Post

If you read my latest post you will have seen that A Daily Dose of Holly officially turned ONE on Saturday, I feel like a proud mum. Saturday marked a milestone in my blogging history after numerous failed attempts at blogging since being a teenager…I guess that deserves a round of applause. So, how did I celebrate my “blogiversary”? By eating lots of cake of course, how else would you celebrate such an occasion? With… View Post

Today officially marks one year since A Daily Dose of Holly began, I’m actually pretty shocked for those words to be coming out of my mouth, and for my fingers to be typing this. Why? I’ve started blogs in the past and lasted no more than a few weeks before packing it all in and forgetting all about it. Although I’ve not been the most active blogger due to the roller coaster that is life,… View Post

With Summer coming to an end (not that Scotland had much of a Summer, the majority of what I can remember involves rain and a general lack of sunshine) I thought it’d be nice to reminisce on some of my favourite moments of Summer 2017. I feel as humans we tend to focus on the negatives, when things are bad, and when we’ve done something wrong, rather than when things are good and when we’ve… View Post