I’M BACK! Oh and Happy New Year! You know when you think you’re going to get into the blogging rhythm over the Summer but then you decide to disappear off the face of the Internet earth for at least half a year? Yes? No? Well that’s exactly what I done. No blogging or Twitter for this girl, things have been rather quiet on that side of the web. I wouldn’t call it a full on social… View Post

We all have best friends, whether they’re your other half, the group of friends you’ve grown up with through school, those you’ve met at university, or even ones you’ve met through work. We can meet our best friends at any point in our life, and they can come from all walks of life, but at the end of the day we all have that ONE best friend who no one could ever compare to, and… View Post

Another week has started, and so another week of my Diet Chef plan has finished, and with less than a week to go before I finish off this 4 week plan and start another one, I’m feeling motivated as ever to shift the rest of this weight. I’ve only had a small loss of just over 1 pound yet again, the loss was actually a couple of pounds more on Friday, but with the weekend… View Post

If you checked out my latest post just last week, you’d have seen that I started Diet Chef, and seeing as Mondays are the start of the week and probably the most dreaded day, what better day to have my weight in than on a Monday. That’s me completed week 1 of my Diet Chef plan and I can successfully say I’ve LOST 5 POUNDS! Combining this calorie controlled plan with 4 30-45 minutes workout… View Post

After the festive period guilt is the one word that may come to mind (it certainly does for me), for all the over indulgence that occurred, the constant eating out, the one too many glasses of wine, and for binging on all the edible goodies you may have received from Santa. I remember getting to my ideal weight a couple of years ago and moaning I still had more to lose, but now that I’m… View Post