Bank holidays, aren’t they just great? Waking up on a Sunday and realising you still have one more day off, a long weekend…pure bliss. After the last minute plans to go to Edinburgh on the previous bank holiday fell through, on a mate date to the cinema to see The Life of the Party, Sangeeta, Gillian, and I agreed we were all free and would most definitely head to Edinburgh on the next bank holiday,… View Post

It’s true what they say, in our lifetime we fall in love with people and places. After having the most amazing trip in Dubai almost two months ago now, within a few hours into the trip I knew that Dubai was one of these places I’d fall head over heels in love with. Having family that have now lived over there for several years (how unbelievably lucky), I decided it was time to finally take… View Post

Having just finished the second week of my Diet Chef plan, I’m beginning to realise just how fast this whole diet and fitness regime is going in. I’ve not lost a great deal during my second week and I think it comes down to the fact I was out over the weekend and had one too many cocktails, food and desserts, so really I’m to blame for the lack of weight loss, not the plan.… View Post

With my university graduation ball almost 2 weeks ago I thought I’d do a little post on “how to grad ball”. We all know gradball is the one night when every individual on the course comes together and celebrates 4 long years of hard work and studying… so of course everyone is going to go all out. With an event as well anticipated as this, and almost ‘once in a lifetime’ unless you go on… View Post

Do you ever get those days when you don’t feel like going to the gym, or maybe you physically can’t as you’re out of the city and the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have the facilities such as a gym? Well don’t fret, these next products that are featured in today’s posts means that you can keep up your fitness regime from wherever you please, and in my eyes they are sure to be bestsellers… View Post