With a busy Summer ahead, one of my main aims is to tackle more of the Glasgow and Edinburgh food scene and tick some more food places off my list whenever possible. With an invite to try out a new hot spot in Glasgow’s Southside, I just couldn’t say no and travelled through to this side of the city on another delightful Summer’s evening in the hope of a good cocktail and even better food.… View Post

Although things may be quiet on the blogging front recently, in real life they’ve been super busy, with interviews, day trips, holidays, and trying out new food places, one of my absolute favourite things to do. With my recent trip to Contini in Edinburgh, a few days later I had a booking for yet another Italian restaurant, but this time in Glasgow, and I couldn’t wait as there’s nothing I love more than pizza and… View Post

Do you know what’s strange? The fact I never visit Edinburgh but recently I’ve been twice within 2 weeks, there’s no in between with me. One thing I love about Edinburgh is that there are SO many food places to visit, however I do feel like I’m missing out on some great places because there’s just so much choice and the city itself is so big (this frustrates me deeply). With David buying me tickets for… View Post

It’s true what they say, in our lifetime we fall in love with people and places. After having the most amazing trip in Dubai almost two months ago now, within a few hours into the trip I knew that Dubai was one of these places I’d fall head over heels in love with. Having family that have now lived over there for several years (how unbelievably lucky), I decided it was time to finally take… View Post

With the thought of turning 23 this year comes expectation about moving out and getting your own place, and with adult life comes the fascination with all these technological gadgets and kitchen appliances that you once wouldn’t give a second look at. Now when I’m out shopping I spot items and in my head I’m saying “I’d love that for my own house one day” and “Oh wouldn’t that be great?!“, secretly I’m adding them… View Post