When I was invited to James Dun’s House to experience their spa a couple of weeks ago, it had came at just the right time, having just finished university and exams for good and desperately wanting to wind down. On Hanover Street, just at the corner of Jamie’s Italian Kitchen by the famous George Square was James Dun’s House Hair Salon and Beauty Spa, and from the outside looking in you don’t half expect it… View Post

Recently I’ve tried out a few new beauty products that I’m going to share with my lovely readers today – they’re brands that I haven’t heard of until these last few months but they’ve definitely made me realise the beauty (no pun intended) of trying out different products and brands regardless of how well known or unknown they are. These products are all small so would fit perfectly in any handbag or travel bag allowing you… View Post

Just last month skin care company Skintifique contacted me asking if I would like to review one of their products. I’m always on the lookout for new products that could potentially help my skin as I suffer from bad breakouts on a regular basis which does nothing other than frustrate the life out of me, so I couldn’t turn down the offer. I was sent Cleanser P which is miscellar water that cleanses the skin, removes… View Post

We’ve all suffered from dry or chapped skin before, particularly at this time of year with the cold air we’re always pulling lip balm out from our pockets, or moisturising the skin a little bit more than usual. I recently came across Nutribalm, a brand whose mission were to create skin balms that were not only gentle and soothing for the skin, but environmentally safe too in terms of its ingredients. With that mission in… View Post

There’s nothing better than a relaxing night in, but what about a little pamper session to go along with that? You can never treat yourself enough. Face masks are one of the number one ways to wind down and pamper your face, both at the same time. There’s no denying that I’m a sucker for Lush face masks but just recently a new company B Beauty contacted me asking if I’d be interested in testing… View Post