If there’s one thing I planned on doing this year it was to update my makeup bag and get some newbies to try out. Over the year you can accumulate a whole load of beauty products to the point that your makeup bag is overflowing with products that barely see the light…this is a big no no for me, so a clear out was required. Stocking up on make-up can be expensive, especially because I… View Post

If I had to choose one of my all time favourite skincare products that I love treating myself to, it’d be a face mask. I love nothing more than smothering the product all over my face, and kicking back doing absolutely nothing whilst I wait for my face to go stiff to the point it’s difficult to convey any facial expression to anyone who is lucky enough to see me in all my face mask… View Post

If there’s one task I’m sure not to forget doing each morning, it’s spraying perfume, and in the rare occasion that I do leave the house forgetting to cover myself in my favourite scents, I feel pretty bare. I’m quite stuck in my ways when it comes to fragrances, sticking to my few favourites starting with my ultimate favourite fragrance… Jimmy Choo, followed by Marc Jacobs, Armani or Paco Rabanne, it’s unlikely that I’ll wear any… View Post

Seeing as it’s almost the end of November I thought I’d do a post summing up some new beauty products I’ve recently given a try, you’ve got to admit, we all love reading a little review post and adding products to our ‘to buy’ list. I’m pretty keen on trying out new products, especially products that can be of great benefit to me, specifically with any slight benefit targeting my problematic skin which I’ve had… View Post

If you said to me now, “Holly pick one thing about your physical appearance that you really aren’t a fan of”, I’d without a doubt pick my skin. In my early teens my skin was truly great, the odd pimple every so often, but other than that it was smooth, clear and if by chance I did have a breakout, it’d be gone in no time without a trace. Fast forward to my time at… View Post