Not only did Scotland have some glorious weather over the bank holiday weekend (which I got a lot of enjoyment from), but I also got to do something really fun and also really different. Hold on to your prosecco (quite literally) and get ready to have the ride of your life because I’m going to be telling you all about my time spent on an afternoon tea bus tour on Saturday afternoon. Afternoon tea by… View Post

Why is it that I get into a pattern of posting and then everything just comes to a halt? Well my only excuse is because balancing blogging and a full time job really isn’t plain old simple, but I’ve made a pact with myself to try a little harder as blogging is something that I really enjoy when I’ve got the time to dedicate to it. Spending 9-5 on a computer in my job, means… View Post

With it now officially being Spring and the temperatures not increasing much (except for the odd day or two, although Scotland could never compare to the London temperatures last week), I struggle to find warmth, despite the heating being on full blast, and the additional radiator and fan heater in my room being on. This is when pyjamas become extra important to me, they have to be super cosy, super soft and have the magical ability to keep me… View Post

If you had a little nosey at my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, you’ll have seen my brief mention of My Icon Story, a company where you can tell your own story through icons. I emphasise time and time again my love for personalised gifts, so to give a personalised gift and get involved with the making of it is something that I find truly amazing. My Icon Story allows you to create your very own… View Post

Not only does having a phone case add that little touch of you to a phone that the majority of the population has, but it’s that little barrier of protection that can save your phone in some nasty falls. For a while now I’ve been braving it without a phone case (you can call me a risk taker), but after some time out from the phone case game I realised it was time to get… View Post