Hello and welcome to A Daily Dose of Holly! I’m Holly, a born and bred Scottish girl in constant need of sunshine and warmth (we don’t get much of that here). A Daily Dose of Holly came around in September 2016, a time when I loved writing essays and reports for my university course, but I didn’t want this to be ALL I was writing about. In a conquest to write about so much more in life, A Daily Dose of Holly began, and with big aspirations and the desire to share my content, I can only hope that it will flourish.

I’m a 23 year old lifestyle and food blogger, the reason being is that I’m a major foodie who once an extremely fussy eater, is now broadening her food horizons and always on the look out for new restaurants and exciting dishes to get my tastebuds trying. I’m a sucker for Disney and musicals with soundtracks I can sing my wee heart out to (even if I don’t sound like Beyonce). A tea fanatic I am, although I do love a good old Caramel Macchiato or Pumpkin Spice Latter if I’m feeling dangerous. Another love of mine is exploring new places, with a desire to start ticking off more places on my bucketlist as time goes on. I always try to live life to the max and according to others I’m ‘shiny‘, due to the fact you can always catch me with a smile on my face or in a fit of giggles – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I studied Psychology at University for four years and ended that chapter of my life in June 2017 with a First Class Honours degree, and I couldn’t be prouder. Now with full-time work under my belt and a hobby of blogging on the side, I’ve started my journey of trying to find my place in the world and I’m very optimistic about it all.

I can only hope you like what you’ve seen so far on A Daily Dose of Holly, and I hope you continue to follow my blogging journey, where you’ll have VIP access to nosey in on my life (how lucky are you!). If you want to keep tabs on me then all my Social Media channels are on the sidebar to the right (if you’re on a desktop version of the site, if not they will be at the bottom of the page), as is the subscribe button if you want a nice little email when my posts go live. Happy blogging!