Hello and welcome to A Daily Dose of Holly! I’m Holly, a 24 year old born and bred Scottish ‘lass’ in constant need of sunshine and adventures, with some food thrown in of course.

What’s my ‘niche’ you ask?

Well I’m a lifestyle, food and travel blogger.

But why?

I’m a major foodie, who once an extremely fussy eater, is now broadening her food horizons and always on the look out for new restaurants and exciting dishes to get trying. I also have a permanent and bad case of wanderlust and I’m on a mission to work my way through my travel bucket-list one plane journey at a time (I’m a size window seat in plane tickets if anyone likes buying)

Any extras?

I’m a sucker for Disney and musicals that have soundtracks I can sing my heart out to, even if I don’t sound the slightest bit close to Beyonce. A tea fanatic I am also, although in the latter half of the year you can guarantee I’ll have a good old Caramel Macchiato or Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand.

Why blogging?

A Daily Dose of Holly came around in September 2016, back when I was a little Psychology undergraduate and wanted to write about things other than neuropsychology, the psychology of ageing, social development and so on. With big aspirations and a desire to share my content, the blog began to bloom. After ending that chapter of my life in June 2017 with a First Class Honours degree, and with full-time work under my belt, there were a few too many blogging breaks in between…. BUT A Daily Dose of Holly OFFICIALLY RETURNED in January 2020 and I’m back and ready to share my love of life with you all.

My social media channels are to the right (if you’re on the desktop version) as is the place where you can sign up to receive an exclusive email each time a new post goes live, think of yourself as a VIP.

If you have any more questions or I’ve not sold myself enough on this page then get in touch!