Everyday Essentials with FulviSafe*

Everyday Essentials with FulviSafe*

With life returning to what is being described as the ‘new normal‘, restaurants and bars across the country have slowly but surely been reopening, in addition to retail and other non essential shops returning to our local streets. With the stay at home advice being part of our daily lives for around 4 months and now all of a sudden we’re been given a lot more freedom, it’s easy for some people to get a little complacent and forget that the last 4 months even happened. Unfortunately the truth is that this is’t over, the virus is still with us and will be for quite a while yet it seems, with social distancing and other rules such as face masks having to become somewhat of a norm.

Popping out to the shops now isn’t just a case of remembering your purse, keys and shopping list, there’s the added extras of the face mask and hand sanitiser. Hygiene has never been more important than it is now and that’s why I’ve recently been trying out a new hygiene range called FulviSafe. It’s my new handbag essential for wherever I go and it should be yours too.

FulviSafe? Tell me more..

FulviSafe is a recently launched hand hygiene range designed to cleanse and protect your hands against all kind of viruses and bacteria, but without the typical ingredient of alcohol that you find in a large majority of hand hygiene products on the market. It’s so vital that we carry such products with us on a daily basis, especially now more than ever, especially in the instance that hand washing facilities or sanitiser stations aren’t available when we are out and about.

Benefits of FulviSafe

The FulviSafe range includes a hand sanitiser and a hand barrier cream and like many skin products, they all have their benefits and so I was curious to find out the benefits of FulviSafe.

  • Clinically proven antibacterial/antiviral
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol
  • Doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as chlorine compounds (bleach)
  • Can be used on the whole family, including children and babies
  • Skin friendly
  • Provides long lasting protection
  • Deeply moisturising
  • Organic

As you can see from the above, there are several benefits and I was keen to put some of these to the test when trying out the products for myself. When it comes to products I’ll be placing directly onto my skin, my main concerns are what it will smell like, the texture, and whether the product will go a long way in terms of usage, so I kept these in mind when I started trying out the FulviSafe range.

Hand Sanitizer

The hand sanitizer is said to kill 99.99% of all germs and I think the part I was most curious about was how it would smell and how it would apply given that it is alcohol free. Applying a small amount of the product on my hands, it had a different texture to any other hand sanitiser I’ve tried, but it quickly absorbs on the skin and I realised then that a little really does go a long way. For a 50ml bottle this will keep me going for the long term and that’s a positive for me – it makes this affordable as you won’t have to buy the product as regularly as you do with other products.

A bonus for me is that with a recently newborn sister who had some complications after birth and had to remain on oxygen, I am having to be extra cautious and constantly having to make sure my hands are clean when visiting her. I would never use alcohol based hand sanitisers around her so it’s actually a blessing that this hand sanitizer is alcohol free and is safe around children and babies.

The only thing that really stuck out to me was the smell of the product, but I would put this down to the fact I’m SO used to alcohol based hand gels and this product contains absolutely no alcohol. After a while you would definitely get used to the smell.

Barrier Cream

One complaint I’ve heard from many individuals during lockdown and post lockdown is that they are suffering from dry hands due to a combination of constantly washing them and from the constant application of hand gel. For that reason I was excited to see a barrier cream in the FulviSafe range. Applying this after my hand gel, it too provides protection from germs and bacteria like the gel but it also has the moisturising factor which is a BIG positive! Say goodbye to dry hands.

Again, you only have to apply a small amount to cover both of your hands in full and this is another product that is quickly absorbed in the skin. My hands felt instantly moisturised and this two step process made my hands feel a whole lot better. You must ensure that the hand sanitizer is fully absorbed on the skin before applying this or it will not be effective.

Overall, I liked the appearance of the products, particularly the hand sanitiser as it didn’t have the typical hand sanitiser look and so in a weird way I found it to be less daunting if that makes sense. In terms of price, the hand sanitizer will cost you £5.50 and the barrier cream £7.00, which I think from a protection point of view is priceless. Given that this is something we are going to be carrying around with us for the foreseeable future, it’s important to have a product that is effective and long-lasting and FulviSafe is EXACTLY that!

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