Restoring Positive Sleep Routines During and After Lockdown*

Restoring Positive Sleep Routines During and After Lockdown*
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It’s fair to say that the last few months have been unlike anything we’ve experienced before! If there’s one positive to take from the recent lockdown, it’s how we’ve learned to appreciate different parts of our life that we once took for granted, particularly our happiness at home.

In a way, our homes have become our world over the lockdown. From meeting people in the garden to working in the kitchen, our abodes have become multi-functional spaces like never before. However, while some good things have come out of that, being hectic at home isn’t always good for our stress levels!


The Importance of Sleep

I’ve heard so many people, particularly as lockdown begins to be eased, talk about how their sleep has suffered during the last few months. Often, we forget just how important sleep is, not just the length but also its quality. Good sleep can help in a range of areas, including reducing our stress, anxiety and increasing our ability to focus.

If you’re hoping to restore your normal sleep patterns, then getting back into a healthy sleeping routine is a must! Here are some excellent sleeping habits that you can look to introduce into your evenings to help improve your Zs.


Yoga and Meditation

Many of us have turned our living rooms into our home gyms over the last few months! While we should try to hold onto these healthy habits, heavy exercise in the evening or just before bed can have a negative impact on our ability to unwind. However, some activities can actually promote sleep.

Doing yoga before bed can be a great way of allowing your body to switch off. Light stretches that don’t leave you out of breath, combined with a relaxing meditation, are great for putting your body in a sleepy mindset.

A woman doing a yoga stretch with the sunset in the backgroundImage by Unsplash

Screen Time

During the lockdown, we’ve had to rely on our mobiles even more than we did before. For many people, this has been the only way to catch up with friends and interact with the wider world. However, screens are notorious for creating bad-quality sleeping environments. If you want to improve your sleep, you should try to stop looking at any screens for around one hour before bed.

If no TV, mobile or laptop one hour before bed sounds like a challenge, try to consider how you could work this into a routine. If you want to reduce morning stress, preparing everything you’ll need for the next day can be done during this time. Yoga and meditation can play a part, while reading or enjoying a podcast could also form part of your new evening routine. If nothing else, your eyes will thank you!



As you can probably guess, one of the best ways you can improve your sleep is by giving yourself time in the evening to truly unwind.

Try to avoid carrying any worries into the bedroom. If you need to remember to do things the next day, instead of procrastinating, create a to-do list that you can leave in the kitchen and pick up the next day. Having a bath or a hot drink just before bed is another good way of promoting that relaxing feeling before your head hits the pillow.

There are also additional options available if you’re concerned about how stress may be impacting your Zs. CBD oil for sleep is becoming an increasingly popular choice, promoting body relaxation and helping many people achieve a better night’s rest. However, if you have developed insomnia during lockdown that is severely impacting your daily life, don’t be afraid to speak with your GP who can help you overcome your concerns.

A yellow rubber duck floating in a bubble bathImage by Unsplash

What is the secret to your sleep routine? If you’ve mastered the art of clocking-out, share your tips and tricks with our lockdown community!


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    Implementing a sleep routine has really helped my mental health during/after lockdown, great tipsπŸ’–

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    Very well written πŸ™‚

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