Drinking Gold at the Burj Al Arab

Drinking Gold at the Burj Al Arab

One of Dubai’s distinct features is its grand take on architecture, everything over there is taken to another level. If you can do something, then be sure that Dubai can do it bigger and better. It’s just how things are over there, and they’re constantly working on its infrastructure to develop the city even further. Asides from the Burj Khalifa, another of Dubai’s most famous icons is the Burj Al Arab, a place that’s more than just a hotel. Standing on an artificial island and designed to resemble the sail of a ship, this hotel has multiple bars and restaurants, it’s very own helicopter pad and an infinity pool like no other. This hotel is home to luxury and if you’d like a taste of it then I’d highly recommend visiting Scape for some cocktails at the outdoor lounge.

The Burj Al Arab is a place that can get busy, and not just with hotel guests. Swarms of visitors can be seen even before entering the hotel, posing beside a row of Rolls Royce cars. Upon entering, you will also find individuals taking pictures of every last piece of the hotel that they can find. From the Rolex clocks on the wall, the gold lined decor, the fish tanks home to hundreds of fish as you take the escalator, this place has been built with love. To get to the terrace you have to go up to go down, but at the end of the escalators before you take the elevator down to the terrace, you can check out the hall of jewellers, restaurants and bars. The interior beauty is just as grand as the exterior, and you could spend so much of your time snapping every single detail on camera, but it still won’t do it justice.

If you’re thinking of doing anything at the Burj Al Arab then booking in advance is a must. Specifically for cocktails at Scape, I’d highly recommend booking this as it can get busy and you don’t want to miss out on Dubai’s gorgeous sunsets with a cocktail in hand. Be aware, if you are booking there IS a minimum spend of 400 AED (£40) per person, however for the likes of cocktails you could easily meet this minimum spend by simply treating yourself to two. For a place like this I wouldn’t say the prices are shocking, they are to be expected so something you don’t mind splurging on as a one off, you are paying for the experience after all, it’s not every day you can say you’ve been to the Burj Al Arab.

Whilst studying the drinks menu, nibbles are popped down on your table such as popcorn, dried vegetables, peanuts. As for the staff, they are among some of the most friendly and attentive staff you’ll come across and will treat you like no other for however long you are there.

Now here comes my favourite part, opening the drinks menu. This was slightly different from my last visit as there was a new cocktail that immediately caught my eye…Fifty Shades of Gold. It sounded exclusive, expensive, and I wanted absolutely all of it. This cocktail was made up of Burj Al Arab Sake Jummai Ginjo, gold emotion prosecco, creme de peach, chambord, fresh raspberry, lychee juice. This cocktail was beautiful and I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of it, look at that gold dusting on top. My only downside, which really isn’t a bad thing is the size of the cocktail, after a few sips this is done, however I can’t imagine it looking as nice in any other glass. If Scape does one thing for you, it’s the fact it instantly turns you into a queen as soon as you take a sip from one of these cocktails, given the settings it would be hard not to feel like this.  

If you do ever find yourself at the Burj Al Arab’s beautiful outdoor terrace for some drinks or nibbles, then the only advice I can give you is to explore your surroundings. This hotel is home to one of the most gorgeous infinity pools I have ever seen. I mean, it truly is the definition of an infinity pool so please try and see it for your own eyes.

Please don’t quote me but I’m not actually sure whether you are allowed as far down as the infinity pool if you’re not staying at the hotel, however, the staff never stopped me and seemed pleasant enough when I continued on down to soak in the view. Despite not staying at the hotel, I was still a paying guess so I can’t see it being a major issue. Anyway, WOW is all I could say. The infinity pool even has its own little beach covered in real sand with sun loungers plotted dotted the place. The view of the Arabian gulf is just beautiful and it really feels like it’s you against the world when you’re on that artificial island.

After doing my little wander, I ended up ordering another cocktail, one that I already knew and loved from a previous visit. The Dragonfly is more on the larger side (just what I like when it comes to cocktails) and is made up of sailor jerry spiced rum, mango juice, coconut syrup, and passion fruit puree. This is a fruity cocktail that tastes like Summer, which is basically every day in Dubai with the weather they get. With cocktails like these you will be leaving the hotel feeling merry and in good spirit – this was also maybe down to the fact I went for cocktails BEFORE dinner but we’ll discuss that another time.

Drinks here are always one of the highlight of my trips, and if you’re not one for drinking or if you’re all cocktail’d out already from the duration of your trip, the Burj Al Arab offers many restaurants to eat at or if a high afternoon tea is more to your taste then this is on offer at the Skyview Bar and Restaurant. One thing on my bucketlist would be to stay at the Burj Al Arab, even if only for one night, just to get a taste of living like royalty for twenty four hours at a hotel like this.

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  1. February 23, 2020 / 10:38 pm

    Wow… those cocktails look delicious, this place and the views in your pictures look incredible, I would love to visit a place like this one day.

    • Holly
      February 24, 2020 / 10:20 am

      Thank you so much, the cocktails are so amazing!! If you ever find yourself in Dubai then definitely stop by here.

      Holly x

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