Lounging Around with Slenderella Nightwear

Lounging Around with Slenderella Nightwear

With it now officially being Spring and the temperatures not increasing much (except for the odd day or two, although Scotland could never compare to the London temperatures last week), I struggle to find warmth, despite the heating being on full blast, and the additional radiator and fan heater in my room being on. This is when pyjamas become extra important to me, they have to be super cosy, super soft and have the magical ability to keep me warm throughout the night (especially when my windows are left open during the night thanks to the boyfriend). As I type up this post, it’s absolutely chucking it down and the wind is howling, I’m concerned my windows might blow in and I’m swept off to Oz (although if that happens at least I’m in some fresh and fashionable pyjamas).

After the opportunity came around to work with Slenderella, a company dedicated to high quality lingerie and nightwear, I’d never been so excited to receive a pair of pyjamas, you could say I was like a little child on Christmas morning. Like a lot of parcels that come in your standard brown cardboard box, Slenderella stand out. I arrived home from a nice little dinner out with friends to a lovely box tied together with ribbon. I began to question how a pair of pyjamas could fit in a box as compact as this, but they did. All folded neatly and placed perfectly in this little white box lay my grey minky fleece lounge pyjamas desperately waiting to be worn. I’m the worst person for getting home and not putting my pyjamas on till the second I’m about to get into bed and sleep (yep, I’m aware I’m the worst), but that night was different, when you’ve got a new pair of pyjamas before your eyes then it’s a must that you test their comfort level out. Eager to try these on, I slipped into them and not only did I look cute (I swear I’m not big-headed), but I was super cosy too. I absolutely love fleece pyjamas, and the material is so soft and warm that I can probably now lose a few heaters from my room. In terms of size, I was sent a small (I’m typically a size 10) and these fit perfectly, I love the elastic waistband which allow plenty of room for movement, so for comfort they’re instantly getting full marks. If you’d rather another colour then do not fear, these minky fleece pyjamas come in pink too and are officially on my wish list. For now, the grey ones are definitely up there as being my favourite pyjamas, which is an awfully big statement for me to make considering I have enough pyjamas to last me a lifetime.

Something I view as a big plus is the fact these pyjamas are called ‘lounge’ pyjamas because they’re absolutely ideal for lazing around in, especially on those good old lazy Sundays, or just lazing around in on any day really, the ‘lounge’ label makes me feel less bad for having them on 24/7 now. This grey minky fleece set will set you back £37 but I can assure you it’s worth it as they keep you as ‘snug as a bug‘ all night long. Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning because you’re just too cosy? That’s basically me now because of Slenderella. Now, I just need to get my hands on one of their dressing gowns and I’ll probably never leave the house again (if only it was acceptable to wear pyjamas in public). So yes, I’ve now realised that pyjamas aren’t just for looking good in whilst you’re sleeping, you can look on trend during the day too if you’re having a well deserved day in.



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  1. April 25, 2018 / 8:18 pm

    You look so sweet! Love them xx

    • Holly
      May 7, 2018 / 10:34 am

      Thank you! They’re the cosiest xx

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