Dress Up Your Technology With CaseApp

Dress Up Your Technology With CaseApp

Not only does having a phone case add that little touch of you to a phone that the majority of the population has, but it’s that little barrier of protection that can save your phone in some nasty falls. For a while now I’ve been braving it without a phone case (you can call me a risk taker), but after some time out from the phone case game I realised it was time to get myself back in the game and get a nice little case for my beloved iPhone SE. Along came the opportunity to work with CaseApp, a website designed to make creating your very own cases and skins both fun and simple.

What I love about CaseApp is the fact there is already so much choice on their site for your phone case or laptop skin, but if you want to make it more personal and more you, you can completely create your own from scratch. After going through the designs I realised there was TOO much choice (say hello to indecisive me) so I ended up creating my own laptop skin and phone case. I wanted to stick with the same sort of theme with both products, with a pink and grey colour scheme if possible. For the phone case I scoured the internet until I found something that I thought was ‘me’. With just the colour of pink I was after, a little bit of marble effect, and a glitter effect too, I thought ‘hey, I can see this as my phone case‘. The whole creating process on their site is so simple and it’d make me return as a future customer, you upload your design, and a MAJOR PLUS is that it will let you know if the picture isn’t clear enough, for example if you zoom in too much and it effects the quality then the site will be sure to tell you. Costing £19 you can choose the material to be glossy or matte, I went for the matte option. I’ve had this case for a good while now, I wanted to hold off posting straight away so I could comment on the quality of this case. The material is tough and despite a number of falls, the case is in tact and there’s not one scratch or scuff to be seen on this, so it’s worth the money.

If a phone case wasn’t enough, I had the opportunity to pick a laptop skin, and again with so much choice, I opted for creating my own. I decided I wanted a skin with a motivational quote displayed boldly across the design so that any time I’m on my laptop or pick it up, I’m reminded of this quote and I’m continuously giving myself a positive boost. After many Google searches, I found a design that had the quote ‘Only you can make it happen.’ and I knew this was the one. Adjusting the design so that the quote was in the corner of the skin rather than across the apple logo of my Macbook was simple and I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new laptop skin. Previously I would have preferred a laptop case for the protective aspect but the most recent case I had, although great for its protective purposes, ended up snapping when I fought with it trying to take it off, so I’d be reluctant to get a laptop case again. When my skin arrived I carefully placed it on and I loved the contrast of the dull pink and grey colours. I half expected the skin to be a flimsy sticker like you’d get in some sort of kids book but its made of really thick and tough material so I’d be surprised if anything went wrong with it. At £22 this is great for jazzing up your laptop, you may have the exact same laptop as half of the world but you can make it your own with CaseApp. Whenever I decide to switch up my phone case or skin next I’ll be sure to purchase it from them as the website is so easy to navigate and designing your products is fun. What do you think of my products?

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  1. April 17, 2018 / 11:43 am

    They both look incredible – I cannot believe you designed them yourself. xx

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