An Evening at the Burj Al Arab

An Evening at the Burj Al Arab

Well hello there, long time no post! Things have been rather hectic between Mother’s Day and now, with a busy last five days at work before I stopped for my holidays. I’m currently typing up this post while in the beautiful Dubai, and I can’t tell you how in love I am with this place. I booked this trip on the first day of the 2018, not only for my mum’s 50th birthday but just to start off the year on a great note, and since booking it, the countdown has been quick to say the least. On Saturday evening we flew out on our Emirates flight, taking just under 7 hours, and with plenty of food, drink and newly released movies to keep me occupied during the journey, it’s safe to say I didn’t sleep and arrived in Dubai (not as fresh as a daisy) at the local time of 8am (4am to me remember). After a day spent in bed with pretty awful travel sickness, I was good to proceed with the trip and start exploring.

There will be plenty of posts to follow on all the things I got up to in Dubai, but for now I’m going to focus on my evening at the Burj Al Arab as this has been the highlight of my trip so far, and something I was longing to experience. The only seven star hotel in the world, as well as being the third tallest, the Burj Al Arab stands on its own little island and is designed to resemble the sail of a ship.

One thing I struggle to get over in Dubai is the fact everything is pretty much done for you, with the main example being vallet parking, where you’ll drive your car up to a hotel, or restaurant, and you and your guests will get out and someone will park your car for you. As soon as we crossed over on to the island in which the Burj Al Arab stands tall on, immediately someone came to park our car, allowing us to head straight inside the hotel, where we were met with wondrous surroundings. Colourful and with something to stare at in awe everywhere, it’s no wonder this hotel gets the write up that it does.

We had a booking at Scape Restaurant and Lounge, their ocean front restaurant, for some cocktails and to view the most beautiful sunsets that Dubai have to offer. Being taken to our table, we were brought some nibbles (salted popcorn and a mix of nuts), and boy being the salted popcorn fanatic that I am, I was impressed (7 star hotel AND the most amazing salted popcorn, this really is the life). With nibbles to get us started, we got on to ordering some cocktails and with a list which would make your decision hard, I finally decided on the Dragonfly.

When the cocktails arrived I couldn’t wait to get my lips around that straw and get tasting it. Beautifully presented and in vase like glasses, my cocktail had kraken black rum, bacardi white rum, mango juice, coconut syrup and passionfruit puree. All I can say is that the Dragonfly cocktail tasted like a pornstar martini (my favourite cocktail so I wasn’t complaining). With the weather hitting the high 20s, this was ideal for quenching my thirst and giving me those tropical flavours, all whilst being surrounded by clear blue sea and skyscrapers in the distance.

After a refill of our nibbles, and an empty glass, it was time to get the cocktail menu out again and get ordering. I can’t remember what I ordered next as this trip has been non-stop since arriving (I’ll add it in once my memory comes back). Anyway, all I know was that it was another good one, the cocktails at Scape weren’t disappointing in the slightest. When you start to feel the effect of a couple of cocktails, especially in the heat, I know it’s time to move on to a mocktail, so I ordered the Jennie’s Got Fizzy. This mocktail included so jennie, cranberry, orange, strawberry, apple and soda. This was definitely a fizzy cocktail but perfect for sipping in the sunshine.

My Burj Al Arab experience was one I won’t forget, great drinks, great company, and even better views. It’s not everyday you can say you stepped into the only seven star hotel in the world and enjoyed some delicious cocktails and basked in the sun before watching it set.

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  1. March 25, 2018 / 1:58 pm

    It looks absolutely gorgeous – a nice change to the dreadful weather back in England! Was the sunset just as beautiful? xx

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