Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day falling on the 11th of March and my mum’s birthday then coming around on the 20th, March can certainly be an expensive month for me, especially this year as she’s celebrating a big birthday…her 50th (don’t tell her I told you). It can be difficult to know what to get someone each year, given that they probably have everything already, so trying to rack up your brain to tick Mother’s Day organisations off your to-do list can be rather tricky. Well, with a little helping hand from me, it might not be so difficult this year after you read this post, as I’ve got a few products that’ll be sure to steal your mum’s heart (they certainly stole my mum’s as we both got to review them together).

Funky Pigeon* is an online card and gift company, and an extremely popular one at that. Whether you’re wanting a personalised card or personalised gift, Funky Pigeon have got it, so you’ll be guaranteed to find something to place in your shopping cart. Now, there’s nothing I love more than a personalised gift, I feel like it comes across that a lot more thought has went into it when it has that personal touch from the gift giver. Funky Pigeon offer personalised boxes of chocolates (Lily O’Brien’s chocolates if that entices you even more) and by personalised, it allows you to add pictures of your and your lovely mother, or any pictures of your preference to the lid of he box, with a little caption too. You know when you receive a gift and you sometimes try and guess what it is depending on the weight, size, shape (and by giving it a little shake too)? Mum’s know everything so it’s likely they’ll guess that it’s chocolate, but what they won’t be expecting is the personalised picture on the front of the box upon opening it. I chose a picture of my mum and I from our annual trip to London last year where we were both glowing from all the nice weather we were lucky enough to experience. I was excited for these to arrive, although I wasn’t quite sure how the picture would turn out on these box of chocolates given that it was a portrait picture rather than landscape like the box, but all I had to do was wait and see. I had high expectations but upon arrival I realised that these chocolates were OVER and ABOVE these expectations. The picture went so well with the colour scheme of the box, and I was just so impressed with how professional this box of chocolates looked with our pretty little faces plastered all over it (watch out, we might be the new faces of Lily O’Brien’s). I could have waited till Mothers Day to give my mum the products featured in this post but what’s a Mother’s Day Gift Guide without the thoughts of an actual mother? Exactly. I was so excited about how this product turned out that I had to do the big reveal… and what can I say? My mum was not expecting it and yes, she even shed a tear due to just how much she appreciated them. I would actually say she was a little bit skeptical about even opening the box and eating the chocolates, I think she’d have happily left them untouched and as an ornament on the fireplace.

The chocolates themselves were delicious, and my mum kindly allowed me to tuck into them too. My personal favourites were the Orange Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Creme, boy were they luxurious. These chocolates are part of Funky Pigeon’s Mother’s Day gift range and start from £19.95, increasing in price to £29.95 if you want two levels of chocolates (60 CHOCOLATES!!) I’d highly recommend going for the two tiered box as these chocolates really are that amazing. So if you’re wanting to get your mum some chocolates this Mother’s Day, give it that extra special touch and purchase them from Funky Pigeon, just dig out a photo(s) of your choice and get them delivered straight to her door.

As a little extra, the lovely Simon from Funky Pigeon actually popped a personalised keyring into my parcel too with the very same picture that was on the chocolates. I must say, the picture made a great keyring and since my mum got the chocolates, I thought I’d keep the keyring but no, my step dad wants it for his keys so he can show off his two favourite girls to everyone (1…2…3….awwwww). Personalised key rings cost £3.99 and would make a lovely little extra to go with the above chocolates!

Boxie Box UK* is a beautiful subscription box delivered to your door monthly, containing beauty and lifestyle treats to bring a smile to your face. This is the type of subscript box that you can purchase for yourself or for a loved one. With Mothers Day on the horizon Boxie Box were offering a special edition Mother’s Day Box costing only £19.95 despite the RRP price of £35.00 (you’re saving yourself £15 just like that). I was kindly sent the Mothers Day Box to review with my mum, and I was excited for this to arrive as I’ve always loved the idea of a monthly subscription box. This special edition contained 5 beautiful items: a floral hardback notebook, a floral rectangular cushion, a floral heart bug, a shabby chic wooden plaque, and a shabby chic ‘mum’ banner. From the outset, you can tell there’s a floral theme going on, but this is a theme my mum is very much into so it went down a treat with her, as well as me. There’s a great range of products within the box, covering everything that your mum will need. My mum does love her home decor so the little wooden plague and cushion make the perfect addition to her already floral bedroom.

For this subscription box, orders are shipped each month on the 15th, so if you were wanting the March box for example, you’d have to order this before the 15th, if you were to order after the 15th you’d then receive the following month’s box (did I make any sense there?). At £19.95 this is money well spent, and I know for a fact my mum will hang her wooden plaque in the house with pride to let anyone that enters our house know that she really is the best mum.

Scribbler* are a card and gifts company, which you’ll already know if you read my Valentines Day post where I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with them. I was glad to properly get to know Scribbler last month, that for any occasion I’d now consider them when it comes to gift and card buying. With Mother’s Day approaching they got back in touch with me to send out some samples, which was something to look forward to. If you’re not quite sure what to get your mum then Scribbler have you covered, as you could make her up a little gift bag of goodies that they have to offer, that’s exactly what Scribbler done for my mum. As well as being in a cute little gift bag covered in hearts, there were multiple items inside that were right up my mum’s street (not only do they sell great things, but they can obviously read minds too). Firstly, there was a little book titled “Gin and Bear It“, Scribbler have got me with these puns that are proudly displayed on their products, I’m absolutely loving them. This book is for all the gin lovers out there (including my mum), it features cocktail recipes, facts, and lots of fun for anyone who appreciates gin and all its gloriousness. There’s definitely an alcohol theme going on with these products, with a lovely little prosecco lip balm that would make the perfect handbag companion for any mum out there. With the freezing weather conditions we’ve been having lately, carrying around a mini moisturiser for your lips aka this lip balm, you’ll be cracking a smile and not your lips in the cold. Another alcoholic product (Scribbler have absolutely spoilt my mum and I rotten) was Joe and Seph’s popcorn, which is genuinely the best popcorn out there. When I pulled it out the bag I was in disbelief to see it was PROSECCO flavoured popcorn, I couldn’t have been more excited. This is another flavour to add to my favourite popcorns. There were also a bag of jelly beans and an eye mask with the caption “it’s not a hangover, it’s wine flu“, which I must admit gave me a good laugh. This eye mask feels so comfy and isn’t tight and irritating if you’re to wear this to bed for a solid 7/8 hours. Surely from those products from Scribbler there’s at least one if not more products that your mum would love.

In addition to their gift range, they have a wide range of Mother’s Day cards, whether you’re wanting a funny one or a straight up “I just love you” mum. Whether you’re looking for a card along the lines of ‘Mum you’re amazing, now when’s dinner ready?’ or ‘Don’t tell Dad, but you’re our favourite‘ there is so much choice so get on there and have a browse.

My final gift idea is quite possibly the most favourite gift idea I’ve come across, and I can’t emphasise enough just how glad I am to have been given the opportunity to be introduced to this amazing company. My Icon Story allow you to create prints with your selected icons that tell your own personal story, hence the name. Again, this is a personalised gift and I’m in love with the idea of creating your own story through icons. I’m not going to go into too much detail about this product as there will be an upcoming post on My Icon Story where I’ll provide an in-depth explanation about the whole process when creating your product, why I chose the icons that I chose, and my very own review of the product itself (there has been a delay with my order due to the crazy weather we had over the weekend). Above is my print and I can’t wait till it’s finally in the hands of my mum and is hanging up in the living room as I know it’s going to look amazing, especially with the range of different colours I chose matching the colours within our living room. There are multiple different categories of icons to choose from, so it would be impossible not to find an icon that suits you or creates a story for your lovely mum. I had a lot of fun creating my print and I know that when I explain to my mum the reasons for choosing those icons, she’ll be well and truly touched. This is an extremely unique gift that no one else will have so I’d highly recommend purchasing from My Icon Story (Olly Murs is even a big fan). If you order by midnight tomorrow, you’ll not only get it on time for Mother’s Day but you can use the code MOTHERSDAY18 for 10% OFF, so take advantage of that!

My mum and I had lots of fun reviewing these products, but what do you think of the featured products? I hope this post has gave you a few ideas if you’re doing some last minute searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, I’d be very surprised if you came away from reading this post still struggling. If my mum loved them, yours will too. Treat your mum and I hope Sunday is a lovely day for all of you out there.





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  1. March 7, 2018 / 4:05 am

    I love this gift guide! In America Mother’s Day is in May so I’m glad I still have some time to figure out a gift for my mom 😊

    • Holly
      May 7, 2018 / 10:39 am

      That’s so good, well if it’s not already been (have the best day with your mum)!

    • Holly
      May 7, 2018 / 10:38 am

      Thanks for reading!

  2. March 7, 2018 / 1:52 pm

    These are amazing choices! And gave me some good ideas for what I’m gonna do for my mom!

    • Holly
      May 7, 2018 / 10:37 am

      Ah I’m glad I could help!

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