Valentines Day with Scribbler

Valentines Day with Scribbler

Scribbler are a UK based cards and gifts company, well known for their , remarkably funny (or punny), rude and risky humour, taking a different spin on the traditional types of greeting cards we all well and truly know. One thing I can say on behalf of Scribbler is that, if you’re to buy someone a card from this company, they’d be sure not to forget it. Founded back in 1981, Scribbler has now found itself spreading, with 34 stores across the UK, and with growing potential for even more. Although predominantly known for its greetings cards, they also sell merchandise, stationary and gift wrapping, with quirky products to help you out for any occasion you’re looking to buy for. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (officially 1 week today so you love birds better get organised) the opportunity to find out what Scribbler was all about arose with them wanting to send me a few pieces from their Valentines range.

I’d say there’s definitely a big rule when it comes to Scribbler, which is that one must have a sense of humour, as the quirky nature of this company means that you can pick up a card that has some naughty connotations or one that proudly displays the greatest pun, with Scribbler you never know what you’re going to get and I’m a fan of the variety. When my products arrived, they were sure not to disappoint, with me now being the proud owner of 4 fantastically unique and unusual Valentines cards (will David be getting 4 cards from me or just the 1?). I was sent a bunch of different Valentine’s cards from their range, with the pun ones being my absolute favourite and giving me a little chuckle. If I were to describe the type of person I am when it comes to love, I’d definitely say I was the hopeless romantic type so I’m all for a lovey dovey card with a novel full of romantic rhyming words displayed on every part of the card, from the front page to the inside, but thanks to Scribbler, getting to see the funny side of love allowed me to see the fun loving type of cards that can go down just as well with your other half. My personal favourites were the “I love you from my head to moji-toes” partly because of the cocktail lover that I am, and I also loved the ‘We’re mint to be” card, I’m into cheesy puns. There are some cards that are pretty forward, and to give an example I was sent one with a camel on it, captioned ‘Wanna hump?‘, I definitely wouldn’t ever send a card like this, but I’m sure there’s plenty of individuals out there that’d appreciate that kind of humour. With nothing written on the inside, there is plenty of room for you to write your little speech on how much you love your other half and how amazing they are without having to buy a card that says all that for you. The cards start from £2.49 for a small one and sizes can increase to standard and then large.

In store Scribbler offer a range of gifts, whether cushions, mugs or some edible goodies. I was sent the “Wanna French?” mug with a which is pictured above (I’m sure you’ve caught on to the idea with this mug and its caption?), all I can say is that these products are very well thought up. The colour of the mug makes it a winner and it’s been looking pretty good sat on my desk holding a cup of tea whilst I work away on my laptop. Scribbler were kind enough to send a packet of love heart sweats too, which look too neatly wrapped to eat at the moment so are also perched on my desk as an ornamental sort of feature, as soon as the dieting is over I’ll be all over them though, don’t worry. Until now I’ve never really thought of Scribbler as my first choice place for buying cards, but with cards of every nature, type, and size I’ll definitely be giving them a visit for any upcoming birthdays or special occasions. What type of person are you when it comes to Valentines?




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  1. February 7, 2018 / 8:01 pm

    These cards are great! Definitely going to buying some of these this year x

    Rosie |

  2. February 8, 2018 / 1:43 pm

    I think these are perfect for casual couples where you’re dating but not quite relationship material yet. I love the ‘pear-fect’ one! xx

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