Diet Chef: Week 3

Diet Chef: Week 3

Another week has started, and so another week of my Diet Chef plan has finished, and with less than a week to go before I finish off this 4 week plan and start another one, I’m feeling motivated as ever to shift the rest of this weight. I’ve only had a small loss of just over 1 pound yet again, the loss was actually a couple of pounds more on Friday, but with the weekend involving eating out on Friday, an overnight stay on Saturday and some fried food, it was inevitable that the weight wouldn’t completely stay off (the joys of having your weigh in day as a Monday eh). I’m going to do another quick run-down of my third week on the plan, allowing you to find out my favourites and my not so favourites, especially since I’ve had the chance to try out some new dishes (Diet Chef really do have so much choice so you won’t feel it being repetitive).

Through this plan I’ve realised I’m definitely not a fan of muesli, whether it’s the chocolate chip muesli bar or the luxury muesli with greek yoghurt, it’s just not for me. Granola on the other hand is definitely my thing and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more pink apple and cinnamon granola as I used up the few packets I ordered one day after the next due to completely falling in love with it. Just the other day I tried out the chocolate flavoured protein bar for breakfast and it was really tasty, I especially loved the crispy protein pieces throughout the bar which added some crunch to it, making me feel like I was digging into a bar of chocolate. This protein bar is super filling, I ended up having 1/3 for my breakfast, 1/3 after my lunch, and then 1/3 in the afternoon, as I couldn’t eat this all in one early in the morning. For lunch I’m yet to try the spicy beef and tomato soup, which is something to look forward to this week, but I’m loving my the curried parsnip with my usual slice of wholemeal bread. For my next 4 week plan I’m definitely going to order the cous cous to try, and more of the pasta pots as I’m missing them as my little break in between the constant soup. My one regret is ordering only a few bags of crisps as I only just tried the Paprika flavoured soya and potato snacks and they’re even better than the salt and pepper flavour (which I didn’t believe could be possible). This is what excites me about still having another 4 weeks after this plan finishes as I now know what I love, like and dislike and can use my preferences when placing my new order this week. For dinner I’ve developed a huge liking for the minced beef hot pot, which in a way makes me feel like I’m having a Sunday dinner as it tastes like a good wholesome homemade meal. I’m also pleasantly surprised by the lasagne, I’m a big pasta lover so I’m glad I can still have the foods I love the most on this plan without worrying about overindulging. With the meaty lasagne being delicious, this only makes me excited to try out the tuna lasagne, which will be a twist on the good old traditional lasagne, but I’m sure it will be a good one.

As well as trying my best on the Diet Chef plan, I’ve also really been pushing myself at the gym, I attended fat burn last week which was fantastically demanding, and I also went to Abs Blast last night which made me want to cry both mentally and physically as it was SO DIFFICULT and had me in pain from the get go (my body is currently struggling all over). I’ve also been increasing my own workouts at the gym by increasing the amount of time I spend at the gym, increasing the amount of weights I do, and making sure my workouts have a lot more variation and stay exciting. I’ve also started the 30 day abs and bum challenge, with one of my goals being to really start toning up and get rid of my jiggly bits (believe me I have plenty of jiggle). Although I can definitely see the difference in my body just my looking in the mirror I’m hoping I can get another pound or two off on my 4th week of the plan and notice a difference on the scales.

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