Diet Chef: Week 2

Diet Chef: Week 2

Having just finished the second week of my Diet Chef plan, I’m beginning to realise just how fast this whole diet and fitness regime is going in. I’ve not lost a great deal during my second week and I think it comes down to the fact I was out over the weekend and had one too many cocktails, food and desserts, so really I’m to blame for the lack of weight loss, not the plan. Despite that, I’ve lost 1 pound and I’d imagine it would have been a pound or two more had I have stuck to the plan 100%, however in order for it to be sustainable for me I do need to have the odd treat or two, and considering how hard I’ve been working in the gym I do feel deserving of a little treat now and again.

If you read my Week 1 post I went into detail about Diet Chef and you’ll know that I have an issue with snacking. Again during my second week, I’ve been good at saying no to the sweet treats in my house and with numerous trips to the gym, I even went to a class called Tabata Fit, where there were 5 stations and you done 4 minutes at each station with 20 seconds exercising and 10 seconds rest. I struggled walking around the office the next day at work, with every step or movement hurting muscles in my body I didn’t even know existed, surely that’s a good sign? This plan has given me the confidence that I can shift my gained weight with effort and determination.

Since you should know the concept of Diet Chef if you’ve been keeping up to date with my posts I won’t go into detail about it again, instead I’ll mention my week 2 favourites as I’m constantly being asked whether the food is good, and so far I’ve got no major complaints. In terms of the breakfast items my favourites last week were definitely the strawberry milkshakes. Chocolate milkshake would be my usual go to but after deciding to give the strawberry one a try, I’m completely obsessed with the flavour and creaminess of it. I start my morning off in work with this, and I only wish I had added way more of these to my order rather than the 2/3 that I’ve now consumed (regrets regrets regrets). For lunch this week a new item I’ve tried is the tomato, cheese and red pepper pasta pot which I thought was delicious, especially the sauce when it turns nice and thick. I’d have been more likely to choose the creamy pesto pasta pot but I thought it was about time to try the tomato one and boy, I’m glad I did. Dinners have been great too, I’m still in love with the paella but another new dish I’ve tried which now ranks very high in my estimates is the cottage pie. I used to love cottage pies, but it’s something I’ve not had for years so this was a nice change and went down a treat, alongside the minced beef hotpot, it such a homely and hearty meal.

Despite all this good food, I’m still in need of a snack and I’m really glad the snacks make a good replacement for all the junk I’d eat otherwise. I still can’t get enough of the coconut and chocolate chip bites, I just wish there were more than the 5/6 in the bag, but that’s the whole concept about Diet Chef…portion sizes, and that’s why over the year I’ve put on the weight I have due to not stopping after 5 or 6. I’ve also been really enjoying the oat biscuits, whether the mixed berry or the chocolate chips. Overall, I’ve had a good second week on Diet Chef and I definitely aim to stick at it a lot better this week and lay off the cocktails.

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  1. January 30, 2018 / 8:18 pm

    I love the fact that you are not restricting yourself at the weekends because it mimics a realistic lifestyle. The food sounds really good – I hope you are enjoying the food and not feeling like you are restricting yourself. xx

    • Holly
      February 6, 2018 / 8:56 pm

      Exactly, I think in order for myself to feel like the diet is sustainable I still need to have my treats and enjoy the weekend (even if it stops me losing weight or losing one pound instead of two). I’m really enjoying the variation in the food, definitely doesn’t feel too repetitive xx

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