Diet Chef: Week 1

Diet Chef: Week 1

If you checked out my latest post just last week, you’d have seen that I started Diet Chef, and seeing as Mondays are the start of the week and probably the most dreaded day, what better day to have my weight in than on a Monday. That’s me completed week 1 of my Diet Chef plan and I can successfully say I’ve LOST 5 POUNDS! Combining this calorie controlled plan with 4 30-45 minutes workout sessions in the gym  has worked in my advantage. Part of me is still surprised I’ve lost what I have as I had my own dinner on Friday night which I’ll admit wasn’t the healthiest, and I went out for dinner and dessert last night, however, other than that I followed the plan, so I guess you could say the plan does allow for some leeway.

As well as eating all the more better, I’ve also not had fizzy juice in a week now and my body is thanking me for all the water I’m drinking, with less headaches being the first advantage that comes to mind, although a lot more trips to the loo during my working hours has been a slight downside (TMI?). My biggest problem when it comes to food is snacking, it’s dangerous, and Diet Chef is slowly conquering this. When I get home from the gym and I’ve worked up an appetite, instead of heading to the cupboard that’s host to the chocolate, crisps and sweets, I’ll have two boiled eggs. I’m definitely noticing the difference since I’ve got rid of all the junk food from my diet, I feel less sluggish and feel like I can do more because I have more energy.

Thanks to Diet Chef I’ve had the opportunity to try out foods I probably wouldn’t have ever thought of trying due to my fussy tendencies such as granola. Out of the breakfast items I’ve tried my favourite has got to be the pink apple and cinnamon granola, which I have with low fat natural yoghurt, it’s a good breakfast if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me. Second favourite is the soft cookie, whether the chocolate one or lemon and blueberry, they’re so tasty. In terms of my least favourite breakfast item, it’s got to be the porridge and although because I’ve never been enjoyed the texture of porridge. The fact I chose the chocolate porridge has made eating this more bearable though.

The lunches have been just as great, especially because my typical lunch at work is soup so it’s been good to stick to this habit. My favourite soup has got to be the chunky vegetable as I’m a lover of carrots so the big chunky carrots in this soup along with the overall taste of it has made this a winner in my eyes. I have a slice of brown bread with my soup to bulk it up. My least favourite soup has got to be the pea and ham, it’d be lovely for anyone else, I’m just not a big fan of peas. I’d still eat it but it’s not one I’d dig out the cupboard in a hurry. If you get sick of the soup, you can stick a few pasta pots in your order, so far I’ve only had the creamy pesto pasta pot and boy was it good, I LOVE pesto pasta so was happy that this exceeded my expectations, especially when the only thing you have to do is add hot water and let it stand for 5-10 minutes.

I’m honestly shocked at how tasty the food is in Diet Chef, especially because it’s all ready meals you stick in the microwave. I’ve not been disappointed with one dinner yet. The macaroni cheese was really good with a low fat sausage cut up and added in, as was the beef stew with some carrots and turnip, but my favourite at the moment is the paella with chorizo and tuna.

Last but not least is the snacks, and this is the most important thing for me, as if they’re not good then the temptation to go have a bar of chocolate, bag of tortilla chips and packet of teeth and lips is high. My favourites this week have got to be the coconut and chocolate chip bites, although I could do with a few more in the bag. I also love the salt and pepper soya and potato snacks, they’re a really flavoursome packet of crisps.

Overall I’ve had a great first week with Diet Chef and I still have plenty of items still to try so I can only look forward to the next few weeks following this plan. Although it’s important to stick to it if you want to see and feel the benefits, it’s still important to fit in a treat or two once a week.




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