A Skincare Miracle

A Skincare Miracle

If you said to me now, “Holly pick one thing about your physical appearance that you really aren’t a fan of”, I’d without a doubt pick my skin. In my early teens my skin was truly great, the odd pimple every so often, but other than that it was smooth, clear and if by chance I did have a breakout, it’d be gone in no time without a trace. Fast forward to my time at university, my skin decided to go completely against me, suffering from constant breakouts and your not so average pimples, rather big lumpy under the skin sort of spots that are not only visible but pretty sore too. Luckily I wasn’t left with any damage until just over a year ago when I started being left with red marks, scarring and what I like to call ‘pot holes’ in my skin. Frustrated, I went through tonnes of concealer on a daily basis to at least attempt to hide what had been left behind from every spot that would come and go. I’ll admit, I probably took advantage of my skin in my early teenage years when it was good, in addition to not having a proper skincare regime, so in an attempt to win my healthy skin back I tried almost everything. Did it work? Not really, after a while my skin would become resistant, and then I’d be on to trying something new with not much improvement being seen, then something great happened…DermaTx.

Andrea, the founder of DermaTx Advanced Skincare was a dermatology nurse, but now focuses her expertise towards the skincare sector, with over 20 years experience. Bridging the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are what are known as cosmeceuticals, which have shown great benefits for improving and treating any issues with the skin. With active ingredients, these benefits are made possible, something which many high street brands surprisingly lack, and Andrea herself wanted to bring a skincare regime with these such ingredients, and these very benefits.

After being contacted by DermaTx recommending their Clarify Microdermabrasion system, they kindly sent me my very own system to try out for myself. Me being me, I wasn’t very optimistic that this would make any difference to my already awful skin, especially considering nothing else had made a difference before, so why all of a sudden would DermaTx work for me? I received my DermaTx at the beginning of June and intentionally left doing this post until now so I could really give myself time to try it out and actually give it a chance. The system itself is a ‘highly effective at home exfoliating treatment’ with exfoliation being a key step to healthy skin. The system comes with a foam applicator head and cleansing brush head, and due to me receiving the Clarify system this came with the Microdermabrasion Clarify cream, designed for acne oily skin and enlarged pores, whether you’re male or female and regardless of your age.

As soon as it arrived I got started with this treatment, using it on a daily basis for the first week or two, if not every second day to see whether my skin could cope with that or whether it required me cutting down the amount of times per week I use it. Made with grade crystals and high performance ingredients, the Clarify cream works by removing dead surface cells, making the skin look and feel healthier than ever. When reading up on the clarify microdermabrasion cream, it states that when used with these microdermabrasion machines there are “exceptional skin resurfacing results”. Benefits include: reduced acne-associated inflammation, decongests blocked pores, reduces oil production, reduces redness, and minimises post-acne scarring and marks. So, did I experience any of these benefits?

From using it for almost two months now I can confirm this is the absolute truth. Even a few days after using it I noticed reduced redness, and even the first thing my mum noticed about me was the improvement in my skin. Now, it’s true what they say, when you look good you feel good, so this boosted my spirits and only made me more determined to try and get my skin looking as back to normal as could be. With continued use the improvements kept coming to the point I felt like I could walk around with no make-up on and not feel just so self-conscious and worrying that people would see all the marks.

I stupidly got rid of the majority of my photos on my phone to create space for my graduation so deleted any PROPER before picture that I had. Above are pictures during use of the treatment, with the left being after the first few weeks of the treatment, and the second and third (I have blusher on) being the most recent. I wish I had a picture when it was at its worst and then you’d really get to see the drastic changes, but for me I couldn’t be happier and can only hope that DermaTx continues to work for me. I understand there may be a few marks or scars that will never go away but I’d put up with that if it meant the majority disappeared. I’ve never had so much faith in a skincare product than I do DermaTx and can officially say they’re my new go to, not only can I expect great service from the team behind these amazing products, but products that actually work for me. Normally I would never post pictures of my skin or go without make-up but I’m only human, I have flaws, we all do, and this treatment has given me a lot more confidence about embracing my imperfections.

Now let’s talk about price, skincare isn’t always cheap, and if you want to reap the benefits then sometimes you do have to pay that little bit extra, it’s worth it though right? For this Clarify system, which like I said, includes both heads and the amazing cream, costs £70, and let me tell you, I’d pay £70 over and over again to have my skin looking the way it is at the moment. If you run out of cream then don’t fret, you can replace it for £39, but you won’t need to replace it as often as you think as it is said to last for up to 4 months. In addition, if you require more attachment heads for the system, this will cost you only £8 for 2. I’m just amazed at the response from my skin to this treatment, and feel like DermaTx contacting me was a blessing. There’s still room for improvement but I can’t complain because for so long I’ve been going round in circles trying to find a skincare regime that would actually be effective and with DermaTx it ticks all the right boxes. To check out their products click here and be sure to follow them on Twitter for the latest news.

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  1. August 7, 2017 / 11:04 am

    I need to try this! My skin has become problematic at the end of my teen years for some reason & it’s driving me nuts! Xx

  2. Holly
    September 5, 2017 / 7:17 pm

    My skin drives me crazy too but I’ve definitely seen huge improvements and the redness has totally calmed down xx

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