Cosmo: Food Heaven?

Cosmo: Food Heaven?

If you’ve read some of my posts on here then you would have figured out by now that I’m a major foodie and I love nothing more than eating out. Buffets? They have my name written all over them, so when I was invited to Cosmo Authentic World Kitchen I couldn’t say no and instead I spent the full week looking forward to trying out food from all over the world. If you haven’t heard about Cosmo before then get this written down on your to-do list because it’s a place not to be missed, but firstly for those newbies like I was, what is it? Cosmo is a Pan Asian buffet style restaurant which offers a wide variety of different cuisines from around the globe. Do you ever go to a restaurant and find it difficult just having a main course of one item because there was multiple things on the menu you fancied? Well Cosmo resolves issues just like this, allowing you to have as many plates as you want of whatever food you fancy, so not restricting you to the one dish.

Inspired by some of the best five-star hotels around the world, Cosmo offer constant fresh food as well as great choice, only making expectations of buffets higher. I’ve been to buffets before where the food’s not been that warm, nor has it been fresh, as well as there not being much left of what I want, but during my visit to Cosmo I realised this place is a whole different ball game when I seen the chefs constantly bringing out fresh food, refilling dishes and making sure nothing was going short.

You really won’t believe your luck when you find out what Cosmo have to offer:

  • World of Asia – tour the Asian continent with things like crispy duck
  • Teppanyaki and sushi – you can choose from scallops, steak, chicken and so much more and watch the talented chefs cook it before your very own eyes
  • House of spice – this is for if you fancy a full Indian banquet with multiple different curries on offer as well as appetisers like pakora
  • Continental – for the Italian lover who fancies some spaghetti and meatballs or a good slice of pizza
  • Tasting kitchen – offering some of the world’s most popular dishes if you fancy a little bit of everything, such as burgers, chilli con carne, shepherd’s pie.
  • Carvery – fancy a Sunday roast but on any day of the week? Well you can choose from turkey, lamb or beef alongside all your vegetables, and not to forget…Yorkshire puddings.
  • Deli –  fresh salads, cheeses
  • Desserts – from cheesecake to macarons, from ice-cream to jelly, but let’s not forget the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN
  • Drinks – with the option of classic cocktails to spirits, free refills on soft drinks, or if you just fancy a nice hot drink to wash down your dinner then Cosmo has everything


Now we know the ins and outs of this little piece of heaven, let’s talk about my very own experience. After being taken to our table by the manager James, we were then introduced to the lovely Stuart who’d be looking after us during our visit. Cosmo really know how to hire good staff, with Stuart being super friendly, attentive and informative, letting us know all that Cosmo has to offer and even some of his personal favourites and recommendations, which for a Cosmo newbie like me was just what I needed. So I headed over to the carvery and started off with some turkey, potatoes, carrots, a yorkshire pudding and gravy. You let the chef know whether you want turkey, lamb or pork and he’ll cut it up for you and pop it on your plate, that’s what you call service. This was one of my favourite things about Cosmo, the fact they have a carvery station and this is definitely the first I’ve seen at any buffet I’ve been to… so brownie points were definitely gained here.

After my carvery I tried out some pasta, going for some macaroni cheese and the pesto pasta bake, both were really delicious especially the pesto pasta as pesto has become a new favourite of mine this year. Following the pasta, I then had some crispy duck pancakes and these were amazing, I like the fact you build it up on your own so you get your pancakes, fill it with the duck, and add some spring onions if you fancy. The crispy duck pancakes were then followed by some curry, vegetable samosas, pakora, the lot – this buffet was made for me and had every type of food to keep me happy. I had eaten so much I didn’t have room to visit the teppanyaki experts, although I could tell I wouldn’t have been disappointed when I seen the constant queue and business over at that station, so that’s something to try next time.

Finally was dessert where I opted for lemon mousse, a chocolate cupcake, jelly and of course the chocolate fountain. You simply can’t go to Cosmo and not save room for the chocolate fountain, standing beside it popping your marshmallows or fresh fruit on the little skewer and then absolutely drenching it in chocolate. I chose only a few of the many desserts they have to offer, but wow, this is heaven for any individuals with a sweet tooth like me. Stuart who had been visiting our table regularly, taking our plates that we had finished with, making sure we were enjoying ourselves, came back to offer us a hot drink so I went for a hot chocolate and it really was the cherry on top for me. I walked out of the restaurant feeling a couple stone heavier, but happier than ever after such a great feed…and I only have Cosmo to thank for that.

Cosmo is definitely right when they state that this is a “food theatre that creates a sociable and buzzing atmosphere.” The place was packed and I’ve heard through the grapevine that booking is a necessity or else you may be left disappointed and not get a table. However, if you ever visit without a booking and have a bit of a wait, then wait it out because you’ll have one of the best dinners ever, or should I say multiple amazing dinners. Lunch ranges from £7.99 to £14.99 depending on the time and day, and dinner ranges from £14.99 to £15.99 for the same reason, but you can find more information on their website here. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat out but want a bit of everything then Cosmo is the place to go where you can pick from up to 150 dishes, I can’t wait for my next visit. Have you ever been to Cosmo before, if so what did you think?




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  1. June 19, 2017 / 7:09 pm

    I have a local Cosmo and oh my gosh everytime I go there I fill up so much to the point of stomach pains because it is just too good! Help!!!

    • Holly
      June 23, 2017 / 7:12 pm

      I feel you, you literally have to leave with NO room in your stomach!

  2. October 28, 2017 / 2:53 pm

    I’m such a foodie and love places like Cosmo because of the variety of food options they have available from lots of different countries, the only downside is not being able to gorge myself on everything because of my small tummy.
    Ffi | The Essence of Red

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