Beast Gear Review

Beast Gear Review

Do you ever get those days when you don’t feel like going to the gym, or maybe you physically can’t as you’re out of the city and the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have the facilities such as a gym? Well don’t fret, these next products that are featured in today’s posts means that you can keep up your fitness regime from wherever you please, and in my eyes they are sure to be bestsellers this year.

Beast Gear was founded in 2016 after founder Ben due to illness couldn’t train or keep active, but didn’t want to lose his love for training. Why not set up training gear that can be used everywhere, in addition to being much better than your average training gear? That was Ben’s very plan, to provide “high quality kit with the service to match”, not just so individuals could simply reach their goals, but BEAST their goals, and so Beast Gear emerged. Beast Gear was designed for any type of individual, whether you’re a professional athlete, a working mum, or someone who hasn’t touched gym equipment in years, with this training gear you can make those fitness goals a reality. beast rope

According to the British Rope Skipping Association, skipping can have just as many health benefits as other types of exercise. More specifically, 10 minutes of skipping can match the benefits you gain from a 45 minute run. WOW. Why is this? Skipping is a full body workout, using multiple parts of the body: legs, shoulders, abdominals, shoulders and arms. With Beast Rope you can skip “easily, consistently and confidently” for only £12.96, and that’s all because it’s the fastest ball bearing speed skipping rope for Crossfit. You can buy skipping ropes from anywhere but what’s the point if they’re not doing the same job as Beast Rope, these are fast, smooth and efficient and will have you reaping the rewards in no time.

What makes the beast rope so amazing?

  • Advanced high speed technology – high quality materials that allow for excessive speed.
  • 360° handle and ball-bearing mechanism – allows for fast, smooth and efficient rotations.
  • Lightweight, strong (steel cable) and durable – an ideal weight for high quality efficiency, in addition to being highly reliable for those tough workouts
  • Fully adjustable – distinct from standard skipping ropes, this rope can be securely adjusted up to 2.8m long meaning that anyone can use it.
  • Comes with a stylish and handy storage bag – allows these ropes to be carried anywhere and everywhere
  • Used and trusted by top athletes (including boxing champions) – this only demonstrates the greatness of Beast ropes

My personal thoughts on the Beast Ropes are that these are great for taking with you anywhere on the go. They are super easy to use and comfortable on the hands allowing for an easy workout, and I personally think skipping as a form of exercise is so underrated these days, and little do we know that actually skipping can bring the same benefits, if not more in comparison to other exercise types. At £12.96 these will last you a lifetime due to the high quality materials they are made with.

These next products I believe are an absolute blessing and they go by the name Core Sliders. I can safely say that you’ll never see me attempting sit-ups, but how will I get those killer abs or that toned tummy that I’m forever dreaming about without the sit-ups? With core sliders. These are new lightweight, portable and robust tools for not only building but maintaining that killer core. Costing only £12.97 these can easily fit into gym bags or luggage allowing you to bring them anywhere, whether in your own home, taking your own equipment to the gym, or in a hotel that lacks gym facilities. A strong core is one of life’s essentials, especially if you’re the athletic type who needs to train day in and day out. Regardless of whether you’re a fitness professional or not, who doesn’t want a 6 pack to show off to the world?! It’s been shown that ditching traditional sit-ups for these core sliders, not only trains the core in the correct way and best way, but also has shown tremendous results for the individuals incorporating them into their training programme.

So what’s so amazing about core sliders?

  • Build functional core strength and 6 pack abs – they really get those deep abdominals working so with continuous use you won’t just feel the effect, but see them too.
  • Use anywhere – work on carpets or hard wood floors meaning you can use them basically anywhere.
  • Endless exercise combinations – the exercise world is your oyster with core sliders allowing you to perform a wide variety of exercises targeting abdominals, glutes, chest, and so much more… there’s no need to do the same regime, core sliders allow you to switch it up by ditching the repetition.
  • Trusted by athletes – again just like the beast rope, core sliders are trusted by athletes and heavily used within the boxing world.

These really do slide along the floor allowing you an effective and efficient workout. With me being someone who struggles to do the simplest of exercises, doing things like mountain climbers has never been easier and that’s why core sliders are now a favourite of mine. As the year goes on I feel like more and more people will be incorporating these into their daily fitness regime, and why wouldn’t you? They’re affordable and give the best results. With my holiday just over a month away I’ll need to put these to extra use to get those holiday body results. You can check out all the products Beast Gear have to offer here, follow them on Twitter, or on Instagram. Have you tried these before? If not, what do you think of them?





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  1. Rex
    August 18, 2017 / 10:06 am

    So a sales pitch then and not an actual review?

    You should be ashamed holly.

    • Holly
      August 18, 2017 / 1:37 pm

      It was an actual review, I was sent them and used them/continue to use them.

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