Tournac: Travel, Meet, Share

Tournac: Travel, Meet, Share

Travelling…it’s something everyone is doing these days. With more and more people going inter-railing, taking a gap year to explore the world, or just wanting a temporary escape from the 9-5 working life, it’s one thing that unites us all. One noticeable feature when you listen to stories or read about people’s travelling experiences is not just about the numerous places they’ve visited, the wide variety of foods they’ve tried, or the different cultures they’ve been part of, but also about all the wonderful people they’ve met along their travels. Travelling is a common connection we all have, whether it’s 2 weeks in Australia or 4 weeks travelling around Europe, we all share the travelling bug and desire that feeling of the lead up to a well sought after getaway. What if I told you there’s a social networking site that helps connect travellers and it’s FREE? Alongside an app that you can download on the Apple App Store, Google Play and pretty much any mobile device? Well there is, and it’s called Tournacand no it’s not too good to be true.

Travel, Meet, Share is their motto with the aim of Tournac being to connect travellers around the world, whether for finding travel buddies to explore new places together or to find someone to show you around their local town/city or vice versa. You know that feeling when you’re travelling or on holiday and you meet someone and instantly click, whether it be over your shared love for travel, trying out new things, or simply for seeking some sunshine, well why not get that BEFORE you set off on your travelling journey, Tournac is what it’s for after all. According to the founders “connecting has never been more fun, safe, or awesome”, so with these 3 words used to describe the app I’m sure you’re only intrigued to find more out about it for yourself.

Have you came back from the most incredibly life-changing travelling experience but your friends or work colleagues have heard it all but telling someone once just isn’t enough? Why not connect with other travellers on Tournac and share your experience, not only may others learn things from you but you may come to learn a lot from hearing about other people’s experiences and knowledge. Despite Tournac being multidimensional in the sense that you can tell others about your travel experience as I just mentioned, its important to note that the main purpose of Tournac is to allow travellers to find a travel partner and SHARE the experience together.

So how do you go about joining Tournac? It’s simple and like I’ve already stated…it’s free with no joining fees whatsoever and no having to pay for the app, which is another plus. You simply sign up on their website and get started with your profile by uploading a profile picture or cover image, and from that point onwards you are free to find great new people who share the same interest and adventure as you do. You can simply share a message such as “Looking for places to visit in Berlin June 15th-20th” and see what happens from the moment you post, on Tournac there will be lots of lovely travellers just like yourself who will be more than happy to assist you, and there may be many times when you can assist others too. You can also download the app on your phone which means you can take Tournac on the go and connect as you roam the cobbled streets of Rome, or sip a glass of wine by the Eiffel Tower, the world really is your oyster with this app. This would be ideal for solo travellers who want to find people to share their experience with, or for groups of people who just love meeting other individuals and increasing the group size.


I’ve even made a profile on Tournac so if you sign up be sure to send me a friend request (my username is adailydoseofholly) and if you have any questions regarding the app then do let me know. I personally think the world of technology can be so advantageous in today’s society, and with apps like this one surfacing, providing both a safe and fun social environment, you can only look forward to planning your next trip away. So go ahead and sign up and see for yourself over at Tournac and be sure to give them a follow on Twitter to keep up to date with all their latest tweets.

What do you think of this new app and are any of you lovely readers planning on travelling anytime soon?

*This post is sponsored by Tournac. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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