Recently I was invited along to Missoula in Glasgow’s city centre to try out their brand new food menu that was launched that very week. Having never been before I had my usual little look on their website and upon reading that Missoula Glasgow “is one of the areas most popular bars, offering style, sophistication and great music” my expectations were high for my visit.

As soon as Gillian and I walked in the door the place was buzzing with pretty much every table taken, the music playing loud, and the general atmosphere just felt great, I could tell it was going to be a good Friday night. With the place already getting a thumbs up in terms of music, atmosphere and popularity, how would the food and drinks score?


We got the evening going with some drinks, starting off with a lovely little glass of fizz and a soda water and lime on the side to wash the fizz down with since I’d be having more to drink that evening, it seems as though I had my sensible cap on as always. Not long after, the lovely Abbie began walking over to our table holding a black slab filled with THE best little creations I’ve ever came across….tapas tails. If the name doesn’t entice you then wait till you find out exactly what these tapas tails are, basically they are 4 small versions of some well known classic cocktails. The cocktails we were treated to were a Mojito, French Martini, Strawberry Bellini and Cosmopolitan. We had a sip of each and chose our two favourites, luckily there was no conflict over any cocktails, we both agreed on completely different ones. I can 100% say that these were the cutest little delights I’ve ever came across and something I’ve never seen at any bar before so Missoula get brownie points for this. If I had 4 of these cocktails full-sized then I’d likely be on the floor so it was nice to have them as miniatures whilst still getting the privilege of having more than just the one cocktail.



We were told to have whatever we pleased from the menu but with both of us being unsure of whether we’d manage a full 3 course meal we decided to share a starter and went for the southern-fried chicken goujons with mango and pineapple salsa and sticky BBQ sauce. You can tell I tucked straight into the starter only to realise I hadn’t taken a picture so the presentation was a little messy thanks to me. This was a lovely starter, the chicken was so good and I liked the addition of the salsa and BBQ sauce, which really added flavour to it. With a great start to the new food menu, my stomach was now prepared for what was to follow.

Main Course

I’m so used to ordering a meaty dish whenever I eat out so I wanted to switch things up that night, and after being tempted by the sounds of the butternut squash lasagne on the menu I decided to give in to the temptation and order it. So my main course consisted of butternut squash lasagne, with spinach, goat’s cheese, pea shoots, roasted tomato, all of which was accompanied by a garlic and herb ciabatta. WOW is the only word I can use to describe my main course. It’s been almost 2 weeks since my visit and I still can’t get over how good the lasagne was, considering it had no meat, it was so tasty, if not tastier than the traditional lasagne, and this is one dish that would keep me going back to Missoula for more. My friends know me as being the fussy eater and not really into my vegetables or fruit so for me to demolish this lasagne without one single moan and groan is a big deal, and that only demonstrates just how good the food is in Missoula. Gillian went for the battered cod and chips with tartare sauce and peas, and she thought it was a really delicious main course.


With 2 of the 3 courses complete it was only dessert from the new menu we were to try. The dessert menu was a tough one, with me contemplating what dessert to actually go for, they all sounded heavenly. After battling between basically ever dessert item on the menu, I went for the caramel-cream filled churros with a dipping sauce. I’m a massive fan of churros but these were a different kind of churros from what I’ve tried, with the difference being that they were filled with caramel, but this made them all the tastier. Gillian went for the chocolate fondant, which looked amazing so I think I’d have to try them next time going with how good she said they were. Do you want to hear the good news? You can get 3 desserts from the sweet and petite section of the menu for just £7 (I can already hear you booking a table at Missoula right now at that price). I’d go back for the dessert in a heartbeat. Despite being small, almost tapas like sizes, they were so filling so definitely the perfect portion.

This is definitely one of the best meals I’ve had in a while and although I’m so happy to have gotten the chance to finally try it out, I’m almost annoyed at myself in a sense for never eating out at this wonderful place prior to my visit. I can’t thank Abbie enough for giving Gillian and I such a lovely evening and for being such a great little host. Next time I’ll definitely be taking my mum to Missoula to share this wonderful eating experience with me.

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