Brunchin’ at CAU

Brunchin’ at CAU

After being invited along to try out CAU’s new brunch menu, I headed into the city centre to get my brunch on and see what this new menu was all about. When it comes to food I just love trying new places out, so CAU was another first for me. Just round the corner from busy Queen Street Station and across the road from the Gallery of Modern Art, this is situated in a great location if you’re wanting to grab something to eat.

CAU is an Argentinian Steak Restaurant whose Buenos Aires style brunch is served up between 9am and 12pm daily offering a wide variety of reasonably priced dishes to cure your hunger. David and I had brunch booked for 11am that day and couldn’t wait to get our hands on this brand new menu to give it a taste.

The first thing you notice about this place is how open it actually it, with it’s big glass windows allowing the light to enter, and on that very visit the sun happened to be shining so I couldn’t complain about eating my brunch in the lovely sunshine (minus the window in between us both). We chose a two seater table over by the window so we could people watch whilst tucking into our food. I thought the decor was really stylish and different with sky wallpaper on the lower wall but what looked like grass on the upper wall towards the ceiling as if the world was almost upside down.

There were some great options on the menu, with some very different options too like flatbread, sweet potato pancakes or coal roasted peaches. There was even a generous selection of alcoholic beverages to go with your food such as a classic Mimosa or a Bloody Mary if you are open to having alcohol in the morning.

To begin we both got CAU coolers, which consisted of raspberry, apple, grapes and passionfruit. From the picture you can see how delicious they look, they were really refreshing so it’s no wonder they have a name like CAU coolers. With the weather being so warm in Glasgow recently I couldn’t have been using a glass or two of this delightful drink. I can’t really comment on price as this was complimentary but from the menu these were £2.75 which I think is really good. The things I’d do for one of them right now with the current humidity in my room.

For food I was conflicted between the CAU breakfast and the steak and eggs, both of which sounded amazing but in the end I opted for the breakfast. This consisted of morcilla black pudding, bacon, sausage, eggs and sourdough toast. I really don’t know which was my favourite part, I’m a big black pudding fan so I loved this, the eggs were cooked to perfection, and the sour dough toast is something which I’ve taken a strange liking to only recently so this was good. The bacon, although slightly fatty for me, only because I’m quite fussy was still delicious. I’d definitely rate this breakfast, with the presentation being the cherry on top. I also liked the fact the plates had CAU on them with the letters just widely spread out.

David got the chorizo sausage, caramelised onion and mozzarella flatbread. Unfortunately he had dived straight into his food so I never got a picture, but it did look amazing so I can’t blame him. He said he never thought that this was something you’d see on a brunch menu, so it was different but in a really good way. Afterwards we had some tea and coffee, and that was us set for the day ahead all thanks to CAU. The manager came over to us to make sure we had a pleasant visit, and I think things like that make a big difference, in addition to the couple of lovely staff members that were working when we were in too. I definitely believe brunch is something that more people should do, if you miss breakfast then brunch it, and certainly do it at CAU, you will not be disappointed.


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    • Holly
      May 31, 2017 / 12:59 pm

      Definitely do!

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