Paesano Pizza

Paesano Pizza

Just a few weeks ago Glasgow’s West End saw the opening of Paesano Pizza’s latest restaurant on Great Western Road, and I was lucky enough to attend the pre-launch evening the night before it officially opened to the public. Having never been to Paesano before I was excited to try out their “authentic, traditional Napoletana pizza”, expecting the very best following all the raving reviews I’d heard. From the moment we walked in we were welcomed by some of the most friendly and attentive staff, who made the evening all the merrier, making sure we were okay for drinks and just having an all round good time. The first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was Paesano in big, bold, enormous lights, only making the shelf upon shelf of wines stand out. The restaurant itself is very open and spacious, and not long after we arrived every table in the place was full of pizza lovers just like me.

Our drinks order consisted of a glass of rose wine (Paesano Pinot Grigio Rosato from Veneto) now that I’m quite partial to a glass of wine if I’m eating out. This was certainly a good choice, it wasn’t too strong like some wines, so much so that we both had a couple of glasses each and still managed to make it home in one piece. As you can see from the picture above Paesano is host to an open kitchen, and this was probably one of my favourite things about the place – you could see all the chefs hard at work, making everything fresh and from scratch. Another plus in my eyes is that you can try work out whether or not your food is coming since everything is so open, which proves great if you’re eager for your food like I am and like to see what’s going on in the kitchen.

Ordering a pizza proved difficult, but that’s only because I’m so indecisive. In the end I went for number 8 on the menu – the mushroom, spinach, mozzarella, ricotta, oregano, garlic and evoo (no tomato). The staff are so accommodating as I asked for mine without mushroom and the lovely girl serving us asked if I’d like a tomato base to which I said yes. These pizzas are cooked in woodfired pizza overs creating pure greatness. Following a very short amount of time after ordering our pizzas arrived and first thoughts were how delicious they looked. The crust was so thick and doughy but the actual pizza itself was thin based, it was perfect. All my toppings made this one delicious pizza, and I can’t believe I hadn’t tried Paesano prior to my recent visit.

For dessert I went for the soft ice-cream with raspberry sauce, and when it came all neatly presented with a water perched on top, it took me back to my childhood days and getting a 99 cone from the ice-cream van. For plain vanilla ice-cream it was some of the best ice-cream I’ve tasted, so soft and creamy. With the great spell of weather that Glasgow has had recently I could have went a dozen of these – it was a great ending to a lovely dinner. I’d highly recommend Paesano if you’re wanting a tasty AND affordable dinner out in Glasgow, this place is pretty popular but with quick table turn around times you’ll be sure to bag yourself a table here and enjoy what it has to offer.

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