The Smokin’ Fox

The Smokin’ Fox

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has entered a place and instantly from the atmosphere realised you’re going to have a good time…this is exactly how I felt as soon as I entered the doors of pub and scullery, The Smokin’ Fox. The weeks or months leading up to its opening I was interested in trying this place out and when I was invited to review it I couldn’t have been happier. Quirky by name and quirky by nature, this is one of Glasgow’s new eateries that I highly recommend. Walking in and seeing the amount of people scattered all over the place having a drink or a quick catch up over a bite to eat after work makes you realise this isn’t a place you could simply walk past and ignore.

This is one place that sets itself apart from just any old pub and restaurant, with its own little catchphrases and sayings from the reservation sign on our table (“Some sly fox has reserved this table”), to the descriptions of the cocktails or the feedback card at the end. As I said above, this place is quirky and certainly has a lot of character, all of which shines through in the decor. The bunting hanging from the ceiling was my personal favourite, but I couldn’t help but love the multiple canvases and pictures displayed on the wall, there was a lot for the eyes.

Starters and Cocktails

I was encouraged in advance to try out their cocktails so I opted for the Foxypolitan, with its name, ingredients: Grey Goose, St Germaine and pomegranate juice, and “simple yet sassy” description only confirming that I had made the right choice. This cocktail did not disappoint from its simple yet pretty presentation to its sweet flavours. These cocktails should not be missed out on if you ever decide to visit.

For our starter David went for the soup and I was too engrossed in my own starter that I can’t even remember what soup he chose. I went for Ham hough and mull cheddar croquettes with pea puree, apple black pudding and pea shoots. My  starter was amazing, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Everything complimented one another in this dish and considering I’ve never tried the likes of pea puree, I thought it was a great addition and went well with the croquettes. This is a starter I’d most definitely choose time and time again on my visits to The Smokin’ Fox.

Main Course

After a delightful starter, I could only anticipate how good the mains would be. David went for the Smokin’ Fox Burger, with smoked chilli ketchup, fried onions and handout chips, which looked so good. The burger was chunky with a whole lot of meat in there, and the chips were really good, David even allowed me to try one for myself, that’s a first. I went for The Cheesemonger (macaroni cheese with smoked cheddar and mozzarella), again the Smokin’ Fox are really doing it for me with these names to the point that it’ll feel weird simply saying macaroni cheese at any other place. This was accompanied with a side salad. The portion of macaroni cheese was beyond generous, the cooks in this place really know how to guarantee customers leave this place feeling full and satisfied. Now I’m a big macaroni cheese fan so trying macaroni cheese from somewhere new is a crucial moment, will I like it, will I love it, or will it not rate well in my books? I’m pleased to say this was one good macaroni and cheese, so tasty and its cheesiness wasn’t overpowering, so I wasn’t feel full from the richness after the first few mouthfuls. As they say here in Scotland, this is definitely a place for good grub.


After all that we ate I’m not quite sure how we managed dessert, but after how good the first two courses were we couldn’t possibly turndown a dessert, especially considering we both have the biggest sweet tooth. David went for the chocolate, hazelnut and coffee parfait, and I went for the Lemon Mousse with candied lime and smashed meringue. The  presentation got a 10 out of 10 from the both of us. In actual fact, this is quite possibly the best dessert I’ve had. If I’m eating out I’d usually go for a chocolate brownie or hot chocolate fudge cake so this was completely different but for all the right reasons. It was almost like some exotic sort of cocktail with all the citrusy flavours going on, and the cocktail glass, but I loved the candied lime, which added to the presentation. I definitely made the right dessert choice, and my pallet felt totally refreshened after this little delight.

One more thing I should comment on is the service from the staff, they were incredibly friendly and chatty, despite how busy the place was. From the moment we stepped foot in this place to the moment we left, the staff were so attentive and it’s customer service like this that really makes your dining experience all the more better. Considering it only opened not so long ago, The Smokin’ Fox seems to be doing amazing and it’s no wonder when they offer what they do. From the decor, to the cocktails, food and the staff, this pub and scullery is destined for good things and I can’t wait to return soon to get to know their menu that little bit better.

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  1. May 7, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    Oh wow the food looks and sounds really good as does the Foxypolitan. I love Grey Goose vodka s thus is definitely on my must-try list. Will need to check it out next time I’m down in Glasgow. 😊

    Denise | The Life of Dee

    • May 10, 2017 / 4:08 pm

      It was truly delicious, definitely one of the best food places in town for me! Grey Goose vodka is definitely my type of vodka within a cocktail. Give it a try if you’re in Glasgow for sure 🙂

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