1 Year Later

1 Year Later

Time really does go by in a flash, and just last week, Wednesday the 5th of April to be precise, marked a year since David and I got together. Sometimes I question how he’s been able to put up with my weirdness for a whole 12 months, my annoying laugh, the fact I constantly radiate heat, and that I really do never shut up. Regardless of all those little quirks, we really do get along great and have shared some of the best memories together – whether it was our trip to Paris to celebrate my 21st, that time we almost set the kitchen on fire pretending to be Gordon Ramsay, or our very first date to a dessert parlour where I was rather clumsy with my After Eight milkshake. These are all stories I can look back on and smile about, with plenty more being added to the collection on a daily basis.

To celebrate the occasion I thought we’d go for some dinner nearby and then back to my house where we’d binge watch our way through whatever season of Frasier we’re now on and gorge ourselves with chocolate, but David had other ideas. On his break at work he managed to book a little surprise trip for the both of us, and just like the many times he’s planned such surprises, the secret didn’t last long before he spilled the news, along with our itinerary for the Friday and Saturday we were going to be spending in Edinburgh. That Friday morning we took the long drive to Edinburgh, and after arriving in the city headed straight to the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, which is a major tourist attraction in the Old Town. I’d been wanting to go to this place for a while, being a psychology student and all we learnt about illusions and perception in one of our psychology classes a couple of years back, so it was great to see them in action – some of the more familiar ones we got a little too excited over. The Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is home to 6 levels of interactive fun, with so much to do and people spending approximately 2 hours there, whether it be trying to navigate your way through the mirror maze, trying to keep your balance in the vortex tunnel, or taking in the stunning views of the city from the observation balcony. You can’t go to Edinburgh and not visit this place, and I’m glad I finally did.

Next up was the Scottish Parliament where I could get my political thinking cap on. This is yet another place I’ve never visited so I was looking forward to stepping into the debating chamber, the only downside was that there were no debates happening as they’re in recess at the moment. After plopping our bags, jackets, watches, and so on through the security scanner we walked around this massive building thinking about all of the debates and decision making that take place under its roof. We stepped into the debating chamber, which looked rather odd being completely unfilled and explored the public section of the room, looking down at all the empty desks of MPs. When we’d seen enough of Parliament we found ourselves in a beautiful little fudge shop called The Fudge House, which had been established in 1949. That’s one thing I love about Edinburgh, in the Old Town all the old buildings and architecture remains, and when you’re walking down little alleyways or going into shops like this, it’s like stepping back into those exact times. The Fudge House offered a great selection of fudges, so we opted for some chocolate orange fudge, coffee flavoured fudge and tablet too, nothing beats Scottish tablet. Although slightly pricey, the flavours were great, and this was some of the best fudge I’ve tried so do give it a visit if you’re ever in the city.

Once we devoured our fudge we got the tram back to our hotel and smartened up for the evening ahead. We headed back into the city centre for some dinner where we had plate after plate of goodness, that’s right – we went to a buffet. We’re quite partial to a buffet, but one we hadn’t tried until Friday was Cosmos. After trying to book over the phone and finding out there was no availability until after 9 o’clock, David was determined to eat at this place. We headed to the restaurant just before it opened for dinner at 5, only to be met with the longest queue ever, you’d think Zac Efron was doing a personal meet and greet, but no this queue was for food. Despite almost everyone having bookings, we managed to get a table for the hour so filled up plate after plate with every type of food imaginable, whilst still saving room for the chocolate fountain and countless desserts they had on offer.

For drinks we found ourselves in CC Blooms, a club over two levels with bars and a dance floor. If I lived in Edinburgh this would probably be my little hotspot for a drink, the music was great, I absolutely loved the decor and as always I opted for a pornstar martini which did not disappoint. If we had more time I’d have tried out the other cocktails they had on the menu, but it was time for the theatre, which was conjoined to the bar, making it a great location. David had booked tickets to see Sister Act, which was something a bit different as we never go to the theatre. I’ve seen the movie a couple of times over the years but couldn’t quite remember the storyline, but regardless it exceeded my expectations, with me singing the songs in my head on the tram journey back to the hotel and thinking I was in some sort of choir. Alexandra Burke was the main star of the show and what a credit to the show she was – I would go see this all over again. Edinburgh Playhouse is a lovely little theatre, and I’m only hoping I’ll book tickets for another upcoming show coming to this place, maybe Wicked or Shrek. By the end of the night my feet no longer felt attached to my body after all the walking, and the hills and steps we conquered that day, but it was all worth it.

The next morning after a rather large breakfast, a swim in the pool and a laze around in the jacuzzi we headed out the front door of the hotel and straight into Edinburgh Zoo (literally) – the hotel was situated beside the zoo. I hadn’t been here since I was a kid so I was looking forward to seeing all the animals. The weather was glorious, with bright blue skies and the sun shining down so there was no better day than Saturday for visiting the zoo. My love for animals is huge and I’m sure I said “I want one” to every animal I seen that day, apologies to David for having to listen to that constantly. The animals were beautiful, although I’ll be honest, I did feel sad seeing them in cages or glass rooms, especially the monkeys. I could only imagine what it must feel like for these animals to be stared at through fences or glass day in and day out, with people knocking on the glass or pressing their faces up against the window trying to get their attention. I know a lot of these animals may be on the brink of extinction, but you can’t help but wish they were out there in the wild, even if they are getting the best of care in these zoos, so that did dampen the experience the tiniest bit.

Besides from the monkeys, my zoo highlights were the penguins, they were so adorable the way they waddled around and just got on with their business whilst everyone watched in awe. One penguin in particular had me bent over with laughter chasing a bird, which had apparently stepped foot in its territory, the penguin would not give up trying to catch up with this crow. I half expected these little guys to burst into song and dance like Happy Feet, but just watching them do absolutely nothing made me content too. Edinburgh Zoo is a great day out, the park is massive with there being so much to see, and multiple talks to listen to so I would highly recommend it, especially on a beautiful day like it was on Saturday, it’s outdoors and involves a lot of walking.

I’m really appreciative of all the effort David went to in organising this little trip away for our 1 year anniversary, and yet again we’ve made more memories to add to the collection – I can only look forward to what’s to come.

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  1. April 13, 2017 / 1:04 am

    This is so awesome. You got to see ALexandra burke. This sounded like so much fun. Congrats on one year

  2. April 17, 2017 / 9:33 am

    That’s so sweet of him, to organise such an amazing day! <3

  3. April 18, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    This sounds amazing and your relationship sounds so lovely 💓 I took my boyfriend to Edinburgh for his 21st but we didn’t have much time there! Sounds like you definitely made the most of it x

    • April 18, 2017 / 4:30 pm

      Thank you! It was a lovely two days in Edinburgh!! 💞 that’s so sweet though, I bet you’s made some amazing memories x

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