“Fall in Love With The Rain”

“Fall in Love With The Rain”

Do you live in a country with temperamental weather? Sun one minute which is then followed by downpours of rain? I do, and I feel like I’m constantly having to carry an umbrella around with me just incase the rain decides to strike when least expected. Sometimes I grudge paying more for the likes of an umbrella as I feel like they can’t stand the wind and break or constantly blow inside out, which only leaves me stood in the middle of a busy street trying to fix it.

Just last month I received umbrellas to review from a brand named Susino* and since then my trust in umbrellas has returned. Susino are a successful umbrella brand that were established in Liverpool in 2007 but have since grown to become one of the biggest umbrella brands in the UK and Ireland. They not only have umbrellas for ladies, men, and children, but also golf and occasional ranges meaning that you’ll never be short of options to choose from on those rainy days.

The blooming florals umbrella (large image on the left) has the potential to brighten up anyone’s day, with its gorgeous pink and white floral design you can be sure to shine through the rain. These umbrellas are very sturdy and on recent occasions when the wind has been strong they’ve shown that they’re capable of protecting you against any kind of weather. Like all three of the umbrellas I received, they all have an automatic open whereby you click the button and the umbrella comes to life. They’re the perfect size allowing you to stay completely dry, which can be vital if you’re all done up and off to a special event but unfortunately have to face the rain on the journey there. The Garden Florals umbrella (both images on the right) is next up and again it was the floral design that caught my eye, with this definitely being the more vibrant one out of the two and a personal favourite of mine. The quality of these umbrellas is superb so you won’t have to continually stock up on new ones, or in my case, worry about them going missing/leaving them behind in class (I’ve done this so many times) – they’ll always stand out. These umbrellas cost £19.99 each with next working day delivery if orders are placed before 2pm.

Now I also wanted to try out an umbrella for those gentleman out there too, so I went for the Stamford plain black walking umbrella. Again, this is wind resistant and a right sturdy thing, and in addition provides extra coverage than just any old umbrella you could buy for a couple of pounds. At £19.99 this would last a lifetime making it well worth the money. Susino are a brand that provides great quality umbrellas and with so much choice too, so if you’re not wanting a plain umbrella then there’s the options of the floral ones above or plenty of other designs to choose from, so you won’t exit the site feeling disappointed – check them out here: https://www.susino.co.uk. Also a little birdie told me that potentially this week there may be a giveaway on their Twitter page so give them a follow and keep your eyes peeled: @susinoUmbrellas

P.S. Their new exciting range came in just this week so prepare to look even better in the rain!

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  1. January 24, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    These brollies are so cute <3

    • January 25, 2017 / 3:01 pm

      They’re adorable! I love the ones on their site with the little like bird/duck handles 💕

      • January 25, 2017 / 6:33 pm

        Aww yeah they’re just so creative! Love them <3

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