Mallowpops and Memories

Mallowpops and Memories

Last week I personalised my own mallowpops (marshmallow lollipops) online at Boomf, and with constant studying and exam stress this was most definitely the highlight of my week. It amazes me that Boomf can take your very own personal pictures from your laptop or phone and print them on marshmallows. Unusual products like this really win my heart, and the fact they’re edible also makes them a winner in my eyes. I chose the mallowpops because I loved the presentation of them: the design of the sticks and the little bows, the way they’re decorated make them all the nicer, especially if you’re giving them as a gift to someone.

I chose a range of pictures, from ones from my trip to paris, family ones, and ones from my holiday with my mum in the Summer, it was actually hard to pick only 9 photos, you could spend hours deciding. The key thing that is recommended on the website is that the pictures you choose are light in order for them to turn out properly, if they’re too dark this will affect the quality. I think it’s great they’ve clearly noted this on the site when choosing your pictures, as people that are unaware of this could end up paying for products that don’t turn out as expected. You also get to choose your marshmallow flavour, either vanilla or strawberry, I went for strawberry. I love the little box they came in and the layout of the pops – they were so colourful and really Christmassy, with the sticks reminding me of little candy canes.

As well as the mallowpops, within the box comes a little piece of card with the pictures you chose for your mallowpops and a message on the back that you can personalise. Due to these being for to review I just decided to put “Enjoy these mallowpops as much as you enjoyed the memories behind them!” as the message. These mallowpops cost £20 for a box of 9, with postage being free, and if you order before 2pm they will be delivered straight to your door the very next day – which is reliable, especially if you’re running out of time to buy gifts and are a last minute kind of person like I am. Okay Holly get down to the most important part, how did they taste? Marshmallows can be a hit or a miss for me but these were so good, and even better that I went for the strawberry flavour, I’d definitely go for this flavour if you’re thinking of ordering some.

These would be one of those gifts someone would always remember because they are so personal. If you’re not into the idea of these mallowpops though then they have a box of 9 marshmallows you can personalise, as well as chocolate and cards – check out the website: I’m very much into personalised gifts as I think there’s so much more thought put into them so these are right up my street. Have you ever ordered from Boomf before, or what sort of personalised gifts have you ever purchased or made for someone.

Disclaimer – These products were sent to me in order to review, all views are 100% my own. 

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    • December 14, 2016 / 2:18 pm

      Thank you!! Definitely a site I’d order from again, maybe try the personalised chocolate next time😁

      • December 14, 2016 / 5:43 pm

        Can’t go wrong with chocolate! What a great gift idea! I wouldn’t want to eat the snacks because of how cute they are!😊

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