Heaven + Hellthy: Review

Heaven + Hellthy: Review

On Friday I received a lovely little package from Heaven + Hellthy containing none other than a chocolate chip cookie kit. Recently, I’m very much into baking, whether it’s Disney frozen cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, or cookies – you can’t go wrong with cookies. These aren’t just your average chocolate chip cookies though, they’re free from the 14 major allergens and they’re also vegan.

The kit includes all the ingredients required to make 16 cookies, or if you’re into mini cookies, 24:

  1. Gluten free flour mix
  2. Organic raw cane sugar
  3. Organic coconut oil
  4. Organic apple puree

Firstly, I’ll start by saying the kit itself is so cute, it’s a little floral designed box, which can be used for something creative after you’ve emptied it of all your ingredients – a memory box perhaps? Or to stash all your delicious cookies away so no one can get near them. This is not just your normal baking kit from your local supermarket, the box makes it that extra bit special and ideal as a gift for any cookie lovers or avid bakers you may know. Athena, the genius behind this kit is so friendly too, and I especially appreciate her little note along with the box that wished me good luck in my exams – service and kindness like that go a long way.

Inside the box contains the 4 required ingredients, along with instructions for baking your cookies, and the ingredients fit so cosily inside the box. Today I finally got round to using the kit and baking some cookies, which on a rainy cold evening like tonight, is the perfect night in for me. I followed the simple instructions, and popped two batches in the oven curious as to how they would turn out. In my honest opinion, I wasn’t sure what to think when I left them in the oven to bake, with them being free from major allergens such as dairy, eggs, I wondered how they could possibly taste the same as normal cookies and cakes that are made with these such ingredients, but this has completely changed my opinion. Not only is this the first vegan product I’ve tried, they were genuinely the nicest cookies I’ve ever had (not a lie), and the fact I baked them brings a little smile to my face whilst I type up this review. They were so tasty, chocolatey and just the thing you need alongside a cup of tea or coffee in the Winter. The box is also ideal if you’re baking the cookies for someone as a little gift, you can pop them in the box and hand them over with love. My kitchen currently smells of cookies and I couldn’t be happier.

This kit is usually £12.95 but right now it’s being sold at £11, so get in there while the offer lasts – all the shipping prices are also displayed on the website. As I already said, this would make the ideal gift, and with Christmas coming up, it would make a great stocking filler – Mary Berry would certainly approve. On the other hand, if you like a bit of baking yourself then this is the kit you need in your life – treat yourself! For more information or if this post has made you want to get your hands on a kit then check out the website: http://www.heavenandhellthy.com or you can follow on Twitter: @heavennhellthy

What’s your favourite kind of cookie?

Disclaimer – This product was sent to me in order to review, all views are 100% my own. 

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