I’m a sucker for a good deal, constantly browsing for all the latest offers on the likes of Groupon. A couple of months ago I bought a voucher for EatFilm at just £8, which included 2 main courses, 2 soft drinks and the movie of your choice from the options and dates available. When not on offer, this deal costs £15.95 for two people, which even at full price I’d pay for, it’s well worth the money. Anyway, we decided on seeing Friends with Benefits on Tuesday, and it was so strange walking through a bar, which then leads to this hidden away vintage looking ballroom upstairs where the movie viewing takes place, I loved it.

All the tables were set out, and I presumed we’d just sit anywhere on a first come, first serve basis, but each table had a little stand which held a piece of paper with the name the booking was made under, although it’s most likely for organisation, it was still a lovely personal touch. We sat down and someone came and took our drinks and food order, in terms of food there were 3 choices: chilli beef nachos, hot dog and fries, or macaroni cheese and fries. We both decided on the legendary macaroni cheese, because it truly is legendary. The food arrived really quickly and that was finished before the movie started, so there was no scraping of plates with cutlery or any other dinner table noises. I think we were the greedy ones that night as we were the only table to order dessert, but who says no to hot chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream, come on.

Friends with benefits is one of my favourite movies, so it was nice to watch it in a lovely little place like this rather than from my bed, although my overly sensitive self couldn’t let out my inner feelings at the emotional parts, but that’s my only downside. I thought this was a really fantastic deal, especially considering you can pay up to £16 at the cinema for two tickets, and that’s before you’ve even bought your snacks or sweets. Regardless of whether the movies aren’t fresh out the box, or you’ve seen them before, it still makes a nice activity whether it’s with friends or for date night. I had a lovely little evening away from the all too familiar scenic views of books in the library, and I’ll be sure to book again soon for the Christmas movie showings.

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  1. November 27, 2016 / 6:31 pm

    Thanks for sharing this Holly! I’ve just managed to persuade my boyfriend to come along to one of the Christmas movie evenings haha – it looks like good fun! xx

    • November 27, 2016 / 10:35 pm

      No problem at all! I’m so glad you successfully persuaded him, enjoy it! It’s a cute wee night out, let me know how it goes xx

  2. December 1, 2016 / 7:15 pm

    I love that movie, and that looks like a really cool place to go!!!

    • December 1, 2016 / 11:58 pm

      It’s such a great movie, and it was, something different for sure!

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